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Friday, October 27, 2006

Final Netroots Push: The $100,000 Challenge

Posted by DavidNYC

LATE UPDATE: Well, as I'm sure you've seen, we've blown way past $100,000 raised today. In fact, we've hauled in $275,000! We're also incredibly close to $1.5 million raised on the page, total. Who will help put us over the top?

Today, Friday, is the last best day to donate to your favorite candidates. Here's why: Over the weekend, campaigns will make their final choices about where to spend money - ad buys, mailers, get-out-the-vote efforts, etc. After that point, almost all major spending decisions will be complete. That makes it hard to effectively spend money received during the last week of the campaign. Final-week contributions are appreciated, sure, but cash received by today is a lot more valuable.

That's why Swing State, Daily Kos and MyDD are doing one final fundraising push for the netroots page. The goal is as simple as can be: We want to raise $100,000 for the entire page today. And this time, we're gonna ask everyone to dig as deep as possible. At earlier points in the cycle, campaigns can use small-dollar donations to help build their lists so that they can seek more donations in the future. Right now, though, what Democrats across the country need is just cold cash. After today, you should volunteer your time. But today is the day to part with your hard-earned bucks.

All week long, we've been flogging incumbent Democrats, begging them to give as part the Use It Or Lose It campaign. But we have to put our money where our mouths are, too. And that's exactly what I'm going to do.

I just gave $500 to the Paul Hodes campaign. My student loans ran out in May, and while I've recently started work, I haven't been paid yet. I've been living off a combination of credit cards and wedding gifts for months now. But I can't afford not to give - who among us can? You don't need me to tell you that what's at stake right now is just so unbelievably important.

But there are more concrete, immediate reasons: The NRCC just announced that it would drop $366,000 worth of negative ads into this race. To put that into perspective, this is roughly a third of what Paul Hodes has raised throughout the campaign, all getting dumped into the district overnight. My $500 is a proverbial drop in the bucket compared to that, but if enough of us declare "Fuck it! We've had enough! We're going to give whatever we can!" then we'll be able to fight back. I know it.

And it's not just Hodes under assault. For all the GOP's alleged money woes, they've always outraised us and always will. Democrats all across the country are now on the receiving end of the Republican Party's malignant Wurlitzer, and it won't let up until the polls close. Every member of our party needs our help. Whether you give to the netroots candidates or someone else today, just please give.

Are you with me? Can we raise $100,000 today? Yeah? Well, then, let's do this thing!!!

UPDATE (James L.): Whoa, it looks like $100,000 in one day is not much of a challenge for the netroots community. You guys have raised over $210,000 so far, and the day's not nearly done yet. Markos is right: let's blow the roof off of Actblue. Let's bring our total haul to $1.5 million. It's only a matter of raising $100k more tonight. I know our community can do this. Let's send our netroots candidates off into their final week in style--with enough resources to compete.

And if you've already donated, please take the next logical step: help get out the vote! Do More Than Vote is a great resource full of links to many different ways you can help from all corners of the country. You can also host or attend a pre-Halloween phone party coordinated by, or sign up for Moveon's Call for Change program targeting Democratic-leaning voters. Remember: this is going to be a base turnout election. There's no need to waste time trying to convince reluctant fence-sitters to switch to the Democratic column--all we have to do is light a fire under the asses of Democrats and Democratic-leaners who haven't given the election much thought this year. is making it easy to help, from anywhere in the country. Like David says, let's do this thing.

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October Fundraising Reports

Posted by James L.

If you want to check up on how your favorite candidate is doing in the fundraising game for the crucial final stretch, has all of the October 1-18 FEC filings catalogued. Here are a few notable numbers from the first 18 days of October:

ID-01: Larry Grant (D) - $150k raised, $65k Cash-on-Hand; Bill Sali (R) - $55k raised, $43k CoH
CA-11: Jerry McNerney (D) - $417k raised, $330k CoH; Richard Pombo (R) - $351k raised, $1.05m CoH
NC-08: Larry Kissell (D) - $135k raised, $35 CoH (that's not a typo); Robin Hayes (R) - $149k raised, $794k CoH
NH-02: Paul Hodes (D) - $160k raised, $56k CoH; Charile Bass (R) - $83k raised, $332k CoH
CA-04: Charlie Brown (D) - $416k raised, $382k CoH; John Doolittle (R) - $207k raised, $712k CoH
OH-12: Bob Shamansky (D) - $424k raised, $629k CoH; Pat Tiberi (R) - $152k raised, $869k CoH
CO-05: Jay Fawcett (D) - $132k raised, $93k CoH; Doug Lamborn (R) - $84k raised, $44k CoH
NE-03: Scott Kleeb (D) - $105k raised, $191k CoH; Adrian Smith (R) - $90k raised, $185k CoH
NY-29: Eric Massa (D) - $171k raised, $341k CoH; Randy Kuhl (R) - $66k raised, $232k CoH
WY-AL: Gary Trauner (D) - $94k raised, $190k CoH; Barbara Cubin (R) - $151k raised, $273k CoH
NY-19: John Hall (D) - $226k raised, $132k CoH; Sue Kelly (R) - $121k raised, $990k CoH
AZ-01: Ellen Simon (D) - $335k raised, $67k CoH; Rick Renzi (R) - $236k raised, $674k CoH
IL-14: John Laesch (D) - $99k raised, $82k CoH; Dennis Hastert (R) - $136k raised, $454k CoH

There's plenty more where that came from. Like David says above, the netroots candidates can really use some love right now to give them an extra boost for that final week.

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Action Alert: Use It or Lose It

Posted by DavidNYC

Just go here and do what Chris Bowers says: Call these ultra-safe Democrats and (politely) ask them to give 30% of their cash-on-hand to competitive races or party committees. Thanks to a campaign finance loophole, these guys are are the best-situated to drive large sums where they are needed most in the final two weeks of the election season.

I think the best talking point you can use is that any Dems who really give a lot now will be remembered glowingly by the grassroots in the future. Call `em now.

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Son of 3Q Fundraising Reports Open Thread

Posted by DavidNYC

Come on, feel the noise:

District Candidate Party 3Q Raised CoH
CA-50 Brian Bilbray R 350 195
GA-08 Mac Collins R 295 502
GA-12 Max Burns R 632 604
IA-02 Jim Leach R 71 177
IL-11 John Pavich D 58 13
IN-09 Mike Sodrel R 431 1,100
KY-03 Anne Northup R 564 1,500
NM-01 Heather Wilson R 1,000 1,400
NV-03 Jon Porter R 412 189
NY-26 Tom Reynolds R 658 1,900
OH-06 Charlie Wilson D 368 462
OH-12 Bob Shamansky D 105 602
PA-04 Melissa Hart R 475 1,100
PA-08 Mike Fitzpatrick R 385 446
TX-14 Ron Paul R 332 365
VT-AL Martha Rainville R 289 239
VT-AL Peter Welch D 436 522
WI-08 Steve Kagen D 150 146

All numbers are in thousands. If the "3Q Raised" number is in boldface, it means I combined a pre-primary report with the actual 3Q report to give a full picture of the quarter. Also, these numbers do not include loans made by the candidate. A couple of guys have lent their campaigns a lot of money - especially Steve Kagen and Bob Shamansky.

If you have any more numbers, please post them in comments (with links if you've got `em). Earlier numbers are available here and here.

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3Q Fundraising Reports Open Thread

Posted by James L.

Picking up where we left off, this weekend is the deadline for campaigns to file their finance reports for the third quarter of 2006, ending on September 30.

I've rounded up a few noteworthy tallies, but feel free to post any other numbers you see floating around.

Eric Massa (D, NY-29): $296k raised from 8/24 through 9/30, $162k raised from 7/01 through 8/23; $334k cash-on-hand ($900k total raised)

Mike Weaver (D, KY-02): $222k raised, $270k CoH ($390k total raised)

Larry Grant (D, ID-01): $184k raised, $73k CoH ($345k total raised)

Tessa Hafen (D, NV-03): $307k raised from 7/27 through 9/30, $46k raised from 7/01 through 7/26; $456k CoH ($1.11m total raised)

Angie Paccione (D, CO-04): $567k raised; $309k CoH ($1.33m total raised)

Mary Jo Kilroy (D, OH-15): $1.008m raised; $793k CoH ($2.055 total raised)
Deborah Pryce (R, OH-15): $1.4m raised; $2m CoH

OH-Sen: Sherrod Brown (D): $2.9m raised ($1.2m CoH); Mike DeWine (R): $2.7m raised ($4.5m CoH)

Very good fundraising by Massa, who has pulled in over $450k in the third quarter. Similarly, good fundraising numbers by the likes of Angie Paccione and Tessa Hafen lead to a solid impression of the Democrats' 2nd tier challengers this year. At the same time, though, Mike Weaver has the support of the DCCC's Red to Blue program, but you wouldn't know it by his fundraising.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

3Q Fundraising Reports Start to Trickle In

Posted by James L.

Up until 9/29, money was the often the best indicator of a candidate's chances of success. That's still the case today, but the macro factors introduced by the scandal surrounding the House Republican Leadership cover-up of Mark Foley's appetite for young congressional pages may mitigate the Republicans' sizable cash-on-hand lead in many hot House races this year--quite possibly Senate races as well. Look at it this way: it doesn't help them anywhere. There are no heroes in the House Republican caucus on this issue.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not predicting that Democrats will win 100 seats in some kind of tsunami. But Republicans will get less mileage out of their warchests this year with Mark Foley and Dennis Hastert gobbling up headlines, while Democratic messages on values and security will carry more weight.

That said, third quarter fundraising reports are starting to trickle in. If you know of any fundraising figures for any campaign, please share the numbers in the comments. I'll update this thread accordingly. Here's what I've seen so far:


Jim Webb (D): $3.5m raised ($2.7m cash-on-hand; $4.6m total)

That's a pretty good increase, but he'll need even more to swamp out Allen in an expensive state like Virginia.


Joe Sestak (D): $1.14m raised ($1.53 CoH; $2.27m total)
Curt Weldon (R-Inc.): $0.91m raised ($1.12 CoH)

Simply stunning.

UPDATE (David): Some numbers from a couple of Republicans:

John Kline (R, MN-02): $173K raised, $775K CoH
Shelley Capito (R, WV-02): $800K raised, $1.04M CoH

Kline's opponent is FBI whistleblower Coleen Rowley, who had just $100K on hand as of August 23rd. A recent SUSA poll here was not a cause for optimism, showing Kline with a 55-35 lead.

Meanwhile, Mike Callaghan is running against Capito. I really like Mike, but this has been a tough uphill battle all the way. WV-02 is not a wealthy district, and raising money here without national help is hard. Capito, meanwhile, has gotten a whopping 44% of her donations from PACs - Callaghan's taken just 2% of his total from that source.

One possible ray of light here is that Capito is on the board which oversees congressional pages, whose GOP overseer (Rep. John Shimkus) utterly failed to do his job. Callaghan has called on Capito to resign from the page board, but Capito has predictably pled ignorance. it remains to be seen what the fallout is from this entire sordid episode.

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Gov. Schweitzer's Actblue Page

Posted by James L.

Here's something that caught my eye on Gov. Brian Schweitzer of Montana has his own fundraising page featuring all of the netroots candidates. I'm not sure how long this page has been up, but in any case, that's a pretty slick move!

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Friday, September 29, 2006

Netroots End-of-Quarter Fundraising Push Day 5

Posted by DavidNYC

The end of the quarter is not officially until tomorrow, Saturday. But as of this writing, we are so close to our goal I can taste it: 9,868 donors on the netroots page. I'm heartened to see that our fundraising pace has picked up each day. I'm betting we can blast through our goal (10,000 total donors) by the end of the day, and that Trauner, Grant and Walz will all clear a thousand contributions as well.

Today, though, we'd like to specially focus on a guy right at the middle of the list: Larry Kissell, running for Congress in North Carolina's 8th Congressional District. This race might well be unique this year: It's the only seat I know of which the DCCC decided to contest, then dropped (after another candidate quit the race), then picked up again. Indeed, around ten days ago, Kissell was added to the DCCC's "Emerging Races" list. What transpired to make this happen?

From my far-off vantage point, I see two major things as being as responsible. First, Kissell had a huge and energetic grassroots (and netroots) base that always believed in him, even when this race looked as uphill as can be. Indeed, this continual show of strength was the principal reason Kissell was added to the netroots page. And when the DCCC ran a contest to see who could sign up the greatest number of volunteers in just a brief period of time, the Kissell team raked in an astounding 900 new names. That earned the campaign a major fundraising e-mail from the D-Trip, which you may have even received today.

The other thing I've seen is a very creative and aggressive underdog attitude. Kissell & Co. didn't wait around for big money to fund a paid media campaign. Rather, they sought other ways to break through to voters. This was best exemplified by my favorite single political stunt of the year: Cheap gas. For two hours one day this summer, the Kissell campaign sponsored an event where gas was just $1.22 at a local filling station - the price when the incumbent, Robin Hayes, took office. It was a brilliant move that garnered tons of free media and community goodwill. It even inspired copycat moves by other Democrats. (You know what they say about imitation & flattery.)

And in terms of what we've been trying to accomplish with the netroots page, Larry Kissell is almost a picture-perfect example. All along we've looked to add races which were not getting tons of attention, which you might describe as "second tier." Our fervent hope was that by giving these campaigns a boost, we might help propel them on to the big players' short lists. We're certainly not claiming credit for putting Kissell on the DCCC's radar, but we'd like to think the blogosphere's support played a role in doing so.

So if you want to help out the quintessential grassroots campaign, please give to Larry Kissell. Right now he's at about 1,350 total donations. Surely we can get him to at least 1,400 by the end of the push, if not more. Of course, it goes without saying that all the netroots candidates are extremely worthy, and, if you can, the time to give is now.

As always, please tell us whom you've been giving to in the comments below. Thanks!

P.S. I'd also like to make a quick mention of another effort that's also using ActBlue. The Secretary of State Project is supporting Democratic candidates for Secretary of State in key swing states around the nation. Though these state-level campaigns tend to get over-looked, they shouldn't be: As you may know, SoSes are responsible for overseeing elections. After the debacles we experienced with Katherine Harris and Ken Blackwell, it's extremely important than we support good, honest candidates for these positions. The SoS project has helpfully assembled a list of candidates who need our help. Go check it out.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Netroots End-of-Quarter Fundraising Push Day 4

Posted by DavidNYC

Yee haw! We're almost at 9,500 total donors on the netroots page. Just 500 more donors to go to hit our goal of 10,000 donors. We're also getting very close to 1,000 contributions for Trauner (815), Grant (815) and Walz (760). Jim Webb, by the way, went over 3,000 donations and Joe Sestak is within shooting distance of 2,000. We have two-and-a-half days left: Surely out there in the blogosphere there are more than enough people who can help put us over the top by Saturday night.

And you know things are really heating up in the political world - there have been multiple newsworthy items on the netroots candidates every day this week. Below, James has a roundup of three polls (MN-01, NH-02 and WA-08), all of which are good news. The latest Quinnipiac poll still has Ned Lamont trailing, but the trendlines are favorable, which I think is what really matters. A SUSA poll on VA-Sen also shows a tight race - and a big shift toward Webb after Felix Allen's racist past was corroborated by more people.

As always, if you have anything to share - new stories on any of the candidates, who you've been donating to, etc. - please share in the comments.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Netroots End-of-Quarter Fundraising Push Day 3

Posted by DavidNYC

It goes without saying that I am incredibly pleased to see that Dan Seals has pushed past the 1,000 contributions mark on the netroots page. Now we just have to get Trauner, Grant and Walz to 1K. We need only around 900 total contributions to hit that goal. That's just 300 people giving to each of these three candidates. Meanwhile, Ned Lamont just went over 4,000 and Jim Webb is closing in on 3,000.

In terms of our overall goal, we're now fewer than 800 donors away from 10,000 total. With only four days left in the quarter (three-and-a-half, really), that means we still need over 200 new donors a day. Given the combined readership of MyDD, Swing State and DailyKos, we should be able to do that without breaking a sweat.

And some great stuff on the netroots candidates today, including CO-05 (Jay Fawcett) and ID-01 (Larry Grant).

As always, please tell us about any contributions you make in the comments. Thanks!

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Netroots End-of-Quarter Fundraising Push Day 2

Posted by DavidNYC

So, by now you probably already know the goal: 10,000 total contributors by the end of the quarter (ie, Saturday night) on the netroots page. Yesterday we had about 120 new donors, which is good, but is below what we need in order to hit the 10K mark. Fortunately, we've picked up the pace today, with about 100 new donors so far, so I'm confident we'll get there.

In the meantime, we have an intermediate goal: We want to see every candidate on the list get to 1,000 individual contributions. John Courage just passed that mark today, and Dan Seals is less than 50 away. So that leaves Larry Grant, Gary Trauner and Tim Walz, who combined need around 1,200 contributions to make it to the 1K plateau. (Remember, contributions are different from donors. If you donate to five candidates at once, that counts as one donor and five donations.)

To whet your appetite, Markos has some good posts today on several of the netroots candidates: Tim Walz's new bio ad, Jim Webb's new Iraq ad, and the formation of a "Republicans for Trauner" group out in WY. If you have anything more to share on these or any of the other netroots candidates, please let us know.

And as always, please tell us who you've been giving to in the comments.

P.S. ActBlue is expecting a major traffic spike this week. If you run into any problems, please e-mail with your last name, ZIP code, and card type (Visa/MC/Amex/Discover) so that they can diagnose your issue.

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Netroots End-of-Quarter Fundraising Push

Posted by DavidNYC

I know it was just last month that we had a big fundraising drive, and I hate to have to start begging for contributions so soon after. But this Saturday, September 30th, is the final day of the fundraising quarter for all federal campaigns. And, most importantly, it's the last benchmark reporting period for this entire election cycle. Yes, of course campaigns will still raise money after 9/30. But this is their last chance to issue a public report and show good numbers for the quarter. It goes without saying that it's our job to help every Democratic campaign as best we can.

And in August, we did a ferociously good job of it over at the MyDD/DailyKos/SSP Netroots page. We raked in over 7,700 contributions totalling more than $167,000 in just a week. In fact, we wound up exceeding our own expectations so dramatically that we outstripped our goals multiple times. That push was one time where I didn't mind moving the goalposts!

This time, though, the goal is really, really simple. Go over to the Netroots page and scroll down a bit. Look for the blue line that reads "Total." Right now, under the "Donors" column, it reads 8,713. That's the total number of individuals who have given via this page, since its inception. The total number of contributions is much higher (24,630 to active candidates as of this writing), because many people give to multiple candidates. (The average is a little over three per donor.)

So what we want to do is hit an even 10,000 donors by midnight on Saturday. I know we can make this goal. Whether you give $10 or $1000, to one candidate or to ten, you'll get counted. And every dollar really does matter. That's not empty talk. The money donated via ActBlue is the "cheapest" cash a campaign can find. Apart from credit card processing fees (which are minimal), there are no expenses associated with raising this money - no postage to pay, no caterers to hire, no time spent on the phone by the candidate.

As always, there are tons of great Democrats out there who need our help. If you want to support the Netroots list, that's fantastic. And if you prefer to give your hard-earned cash to other Dems, terrific. If you are able to give, what matters most is that you do give, and give now. When the big boys - the party committees (like the DCCC), labor unions, 527s, interest groups - decide where to make a final push in October, they are going to look at the end-of-quarter fundraising reports. If you want your favorite candidates to rocket to the top of those short lists, it's crucial that they show good fundraising numbers.

The ten thousand donor mark is in reach. Let's make it happen!

P.S. Please tell us which campaigns you've given to in the comments below.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pick a Patriot, Any Patriot...

Posted by James L.

Russ Feingold's Progressive Patriots PAC is having another round of voting in its Pick a Progressive Patriot competition, this time for Senate challengers. More than just a $5,000 PAC donation, the winner will get a fundraising appeal by Feingold and his PAC. There are lots of good choices here who could use the scratch: Brown, Tester, McCaskill, Lamont, Carter, Webb... I don't know how you'll be able to make your mind. But once you do, vote here.

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Monday, September 18, 2006

9/18 Netroots Fundraising Push

Posted by James L.

Alright, rest assured, I'm not going to turn over Swing State Project into a week-long fundraiser again, but I am going to have to ask you to cough up a few bucks for the Netroots candidates on the DailyKos/MyDD/Swing State Project Actblue page today. In particular, Montana Democratic Senate candidate Jon Tester could use your help today. Montana is neither rich nor heavily populated, which means that the national netroots has to do some of the heavy lifting donor-wise to make sure that Jon Tester, a straight-talking populist progressive, can compete with Conrad Burns' big-dollar donations from corporate interests ($1.7m from business PACs alone). We don't have to raise that kind of money, but anything we can help raise for Jon will go a long way in a small media market state like Montana. And I wouldn't be making this suggestion if Jon didn't need the money--trust me, he does. To help, contribute here. Jon started the day at 2,911 donations, and he's closing in on 3,100 right now. Can we get him over the top by midnight?

And if you have a few extra bucks to spare, please consider helping out the other netroots candidates today, as well. We'd like to see Larry Grant, Gary Trauner and Tim Walz break 500 contributions (although my preferred benchmark would be 508--Ciro Rodriguez's total). And, while we're at it, can we get Paul Hodes above 1000? He's tantalyzingly close right now at 997...

Contribute today.

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Pre-Primary House Fundraising Roundup

Posted by DavidNYC

Below is a chart compiling fundraising numbers for all candidates in all competitive races who recently had to file pre-primary reports. James & I drew financial data from the FEC's electronic filings, and we identified competitive races using Superribbie's most recent roundup. All numbers are rounded to the nearest thousand.

District Democrat Dem Raised Dem CoH Republican GOP Raised GOP CoH
AZ-01 Simon $67,000 $335,000 Renzi $118,000 $765,000
AZ-05 Mitchell $155,000 $672,000 Hayworth $516,000 $1,474,000
AZ-08 Giffords $270,000 $335,000 Huffman $164,000 $173,000
AZ-08 Weiss $75,000 $92,000 Hellon $62,000 $34,000
AZ-08 Latas No Report Graf $192,000 $82,000
FL-08 Stuart $115,000 $215,000 Keller $36,000 $1,262,000
FL-08 Grayson $25,000 $53,000
FL-08 Hartage $16,000 $1,000
FL-09 Busansky $94,000 $531,000 Bilirakis $318,000 $1,190,000
FL-13 Jennings $83,000 $281,000 Buchanan $841,000 $1,439,000
FL-13 Schneider $5,000 $60,000 Hudson $150,000 $207,000
FL-13 Detert $17,000 $49,000
FL-13 Clarke $30,000 $18,000
FL-13 Flanagan $9,000 $9,000
FL-16 Mahoney $54,000 $344,000 Foley $51,000 $2,780,000
FL-22 Klein $126,000 $1,650,000 Shaw $150,000 $2,740,000
MN-01 Walz $105,000 $244,000 Gutknecht $121,000 $840,000
MN-02 Rowley $48,000 $101,000 Kline $105,000 $697,000
MN-06 Wetterling $503,000 $800,000 Bachmann $418,000 $666,000
NH-01 Craig $63,000 $130,000 Bradley $102,000 $548,000
NH-01 Shea-Porter $7,000 $17,000
NH-01 Dodds $32,000 $3,000
NH-02 Hodes $101,000 $410,000 Bass $134,000 $503,000
NY-03 Mejias $133,000 $256,000 King $149,000 $1,590,000
NY-19 Hall $193,000 $246,000 Kelly $314,000 $1,265,000
NY-19 Aydelott $58,000 $152,000
NY-19 Shuldiner $12,000 $92,000
NY-20 Gillibrand $202,000 $587,000 Sweeney $276,000 $795,000
NY-24 Arcuri $223,000 $380,000 Meier $294,000 $571,000
NY-25 Maffei $62,000 $171,000 Walsh $106,000 $617,000
NY-29 Massa $160,000 $263,000 Kuhl $107,000 $528,000
VT-AL Welch $146,000 $709,000 Rainville $121,000 $235,000
WI-08 Kagen $20,000 $318,000 Gard $436,000 $657,000
WI-08 Nusbaum $191,000 $102,000
WI-08 Wall $55,000 $77,000

Districts in italics are open seats. If I'm missing any major candidates, or you spot any mistakes, let me know. Also, the only race I left off is MD-03, which is a Dem-held open seat with a ton of candidates. (John Sarbanes, son of retiring Sen. Paul Sarbanes, is widely considered the front-runner in that district.)

UPDATE: In my initial chart, I mistakenly left off the three Arizona races. They are now included.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Netroots August Fundraising Push Round-up Charts

Posted by James L.

No hyperbole here: I was quite astounded by the total amount raised by the readers of DailyKos, MyDD, and Swing State Project over the past week. I want to thank you for your patience as SSP was pretty much dominated by this drive over the past 8 days. Thanks for sticking in there, and thanks for donating to the netroots candidates. From 12:00am EDT on Monday, August 21 to 12:00am EDT on Tuesday, August 29, we raised a jaw-dropping $167,137 for 17 strong Democratic challengers nationwide (plus about $4k for BlogPAC) from 7734 contributions. Your generosity yesterday simply amazed me, with nearly $70k coming in on Tuesday alone. Believe me, you've given a good boost to these candidates, especially those in low-dollar districts like ID-01's Larry Grant and Wyoming's Gary Trauner. Excellent stuff.

As promised, below are the fundraising round-up charts for yesterday and the week for each candidate. Even more impressive is the fact that an additional $8,000 trickled in since 12am EDT last night--a figure not reflected in the following totals. Very cool.

Candidate District Starting Donations 8/29 Donations New Donations in Last 24hrs. New Donations From 8/21 to 8/29
Ned Lamont CT-Sen 3064 3,553 189 489
Jon Tester MT-Sen 2056 2,646 230 590
Jim Webb VA-Sen 1270 2,060 310 790
Eric Massa NY-29 905 1,283 136 378
Joe Sestak PA-07 876 1,350 197 474
Patrick Murphy PA-08 687 1,094 167 407
Jerry McNerney CA-11 681 1,177 216 496
Darcy Burner WA-08 679 1,194 226 515
Linda Stender NJ-07 508 902 165 394
Paul Hodes NH-02 465 899 174 434
Larry Kissell NC-08 427 891 199 464
John Courage TX-21 415 823 173 408
Dan Seals IL-10 375 756 162 381
Jay Fawcett CO-05 375 850 227 475
Tim Walz MN-01 0 354 200 354
Larry Grant ID-01 0 344 264 344
Gary Trauner WY-AL 0 341 341 341
Total 12,783 20,517 3,576 7,734

Continue reading below the fold for hard dollar figures. Thanks again for an amazing week!

Candidate District Raised at Start 8/29 Raised Raised in Last 24hrs. Raised From 8/21 to 8/29
Ned Lamont CT-Sen $110,042.51 $121,067.07 $3,751.97 $11,024.56
Jon Tester MT-Sen $59,730.84 $74,307.98 $5,386.94 $14,577.14
Jim Webb VA-Sen $40,452.38 $63,042.61 $6,952.53 $22,590.23
Eric Massa NY-29 $21,042.29 $28,830.34 $2,471.94 $7,788.05
Joe Sestak PA-07 $26,574.49 $38,535.92 $3,412.43 $11,961.43
Patrick Murphy PA-08 $13,895.16 $22,072.64 $3,218.95 $8,177.48
Jerry McNerney CA-11 $17,873.76 $29,671.25 $4,613.51 $11,797.49
Darcy Burner WA-08 $13,209.06 $24,165.95 $3,585.78 $10,956.89
Linda Stender NJ-07 $8,877.30 $15,964.54 $2,831.38 $7,087.24
Paul Hodes NH-02 $8,817.34 $17,335.22 $3,025.76 $8,517.88
Larry Kissell NC-08 $6,855.92 $14,716.64 $2,795.87 $7,860.72
John Courage TX-21 $6,868.53 $13,968.26 $2,625.78 $7,099.73
Dan Seals IL-10 $6,314.74 $13,863.27 $3,124.95 $7,548.53
Jay Fawcett CO-05 $5,856.33 $14,136.34 $3,379.95 $8,280.01
Tim Walz MN-01 $0.00 $8,033.32 $3,610.38 $8,033.32
Larry Grant ID-01 $0.00 $6,764.77 $4,396.12 $6,764.77
Gary Trauner WY-AL $0.00 $7,072.16 $7,072.16 $7,072.16
Total $346,410.65 $513,548.28 $66,256.40 $167,137.63

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Final Netroots Push Post!

Posted by DavidNYC

I don't have much more to say at this point except: WOW. We started today with 4,158 total donations. I was honestly kinda worried that we'd fall short of 5,000, our stated goal. After all, we've been doing this fundraising drive for a week, it's almost Labor Day, etc. etc.

Well, we completely obliterated it. As of this writing, we have a whopping 5,753 total contributions. Chris Bowers wants us to shoot for 6,000 by the end of the day - and you know what? He's not crazy. Not at all. It's totally doable.

Can we get Grant & Trauner to 200? Seals to 700? Kissell to 800? If we can get to 6,000 overall, we can definitely clear all those benchmarks. And I promise, promise, promise that this will be the last time we up our goal. When we hit 6,000, we can definitely declare victory, pat ourselves on the back, and enjoy what we've done here

And then, tomorrow, though this push will be over, we get right back to work supporting all of our great Democratic candidates across the nation!

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Netroots Push Final Day Afternoon Update

Posted by DavidNYC

At midnight last night, we had amassed 4,158 donations since the start of our push. As of this writing, we've chalked up another 356 gifts and are now at 4,514 donations total. We are definitely shooting the moon today - our goal, as you know, is to hit 5,000 donations by midnight.

Here are a few milestones we should pass today in reaching that goal: Larry Grant just cruised by 100 donations, so that means Gary Trauner should pass that mark soon, too. Meanwhile, Patrick Murphy, Jerry McNerny and Darcy Burner are within shouting distance of 1,000 contributions apiece. And certainly everyone above and below should keep moving upward.

As you saw from James' post below, we've already cruised past $100,000 total raised since Monday the 21st. So this 5,000 donation goal is our last. I know we can make it. Let's do this thing!

P.S. As always, please tell us who you've contributed to in the comments. And a special request: If you're volunteering for any campaigns, tell us about that, too!

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Final Bleepin' Netroots August Fundraising Push Update!

Posted by James L.

This is it! I swear! The stretch run! By midnight tonight, we will finally be done nagging you to donate to the netroots-endorsed candidates (well, at least until the end of the cycle). I really appreciate your patience over the last week, and if you've given, we all thank you very much for your efforts to break the corrosive Republican grip on Congress this November. But we're not done yet! We have one final goal to reach: 5000 new donations by the end of the day. As you can see from the chart below, we've amassed over 4100 new donations over the past week. We'd like to make one last, all-out, balls-to-the-wall push today to bring that number up to 5000. We can do it, but that means that for everyone who's been sitting on their hands and can afford to contribute, now's the time to step up.

And we've already made major progress this week--raising in an astounding $100,000 in the dead of August. Believe me, you guys have turned heads by allowing key netroots candidates additional resources to compete this November. Please keep our momentum going and help us reach 5000 donations by the end of the day. Whether it's $5 to one candidate, or $100 to each candidate, your donation makes a difference.

I'm also really excited to share that our next (last?) netroots candidate has been added to the list today. If you've got Western pride, like me, you'll love this addition. Keep your eyes peeled for a DailyKos introduction soon.

Candidate District Starting Donations 8/28 Donors New Donations in Last 24hrs. New Donations Since Launch
Ned Lamont CT-Sen 3064 3,364 18 300
Jon Tester MT-Sen 2056 2,416 28 360
Jim Webb VA-Sen 1270 1,750 36 480
Eric Massa NY-29 905 1,147 11 242
Joe Sestak PA-07 876 1,153 23 277
Patrick Murphy PA-08 687 927 18 240
Jerry McNerney CA-11 681 961 21 280
Darcy Burner WA-08 679 968 20 289
Linda Stender NJ-07 508 737 19 229
Paul Hodes NH-02 465 725 24 260
Larry Kissell NC-08 427 692 26 265
John Courage TX-21 415 650 19 235
Dan Seals IL-10 375 594 15 219
Jay Fawcett CO-05 375 623 20 248
Tim Walz MN-01 0 154 20 154
Larry Grant ID-01 0 80 80 80
Total 12,783 16,941 398 4,158

Keep up the great work, people. As always, continue reading below the fold for the hard dollar numbers (which are really impressive).

Candidate District Raised at Start 8/28 Raised Raised in Last 24hrs. Raised Since Launch
Ned Lamont CT-Sen $110,042.51 $117,315.10 $471.59 $7,272.59
Jon Tester MT-Sen $59,730.84 $68,921.04 $762.60 $9,190.20
Jim Webb VA-Sen $40,452.38 $56,090.08 $1,553.63 $15,637.70
Eric Massa NY-29 $21,042.29 $26,358.40 $260.57 $5,316.11
Joe Sestak PA-07 $26,574.49 $35,123.49 $845.61 $8,549.00
Patrick Murphy PA-08 $13,895.16 $18,853.69 $366.59 $4,958.53
Jerry McNerney CA-11 $17,873.76 $25,057.74 $660.63 $7,183.98
Darcy Burner WA-08 $13,209.06 $20,580.17 $325.62 $7,371.11
Linda Stender NJ-07 $8,877.30 $13,133.16 $388.61 $4,255.86
Paul Hodes NH-02 $8,817.34 $14,309.46 $552.62 $5,492.12
Larry Kissell NC-08 $6,855.92 $11,920.77 $433.99 $5,064.85
John Courage TX-21 $6,868.53 $11,342.48 $318.62 $4,473.95
Dan Seals IL-10 $6,314.74 $10,738.32 $410.59 $4,423.58
Jay Fawcett CO-05 $5,856.33 $10,756.39 $352.62 $4,900.06
Tim Walz MN-01 $0.00 $4,422.94 $361.60 $4,422.94
Larry Grant ID-01 $0.00 $2,368.65 $2,368.65 $2,368.65
Total $346,410.65 $447,291.88 $10,434.14 $100,881.23

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Netroots August Fundraising Push Update #6 (The Weekender)

Posted by James L.

Boy, do I ever feel as giddy as a schoolboy today. If you want to know why, just read mcjoan's diary over on DailyKos highlighting the next Netroots candidate, Larry Grant of Idaho! Idaho! How crazy is that?! You may remember a post I wrote way back in May entitled ID-01: Wingnut of the Year where I made the case that the Republican nominee for this open seat, Club for Growth nutcase Bill Sali, is, perhaps, a bit TOO out there for the good people of bright red--no, no, make that crimson red Idaho. Seriously, how often do you see quotes like this--from top state Republican leaders?

The Speaker, Bruce Newcomb, told The Idaho Statesman, “That idiot is just an absolute idiot. He doesn’t have one ounce of empathy in his whole fricking body. And you can put that in the paper.”

So, needless to say, I'm pretty psyched that this race has entered our radar screens. I'll stop now, because I'm sure I'll write up another pro-Grant post later in the day. But in the meantime, please give Larry Grant a very warm welcome to the netroots Actblue page. Can we get 50 donors for Larry today? That would be phenomenal.

Before I forget, as promised, here's the weekend roundup chart detailing all the movement on the netroots candidates Actblue page. Thanks to your generous contributions, we amassed 460 donations and $10,000 over the past two days for strong progressives nationwide. You're making a real impact, so I would encourage anyone who has been sitting on their hands to open up your wallets if you can afford to. Whatever you can give, $5, $10, $50, or more, will really be appreciated by the campaigns involved (especially in a low-dollar district like Idaho, hint, hint).

Candidate District Starting Donations 8/27 Donors New Donations in Last 48hrs. New Donations Since Launch
Ned Lamont CT-Sen 3064 3,346 29 282
Jon Tester MT-Sen 2056 2,388 32 332
Jim Webb VA-Sen 1270 1,714 44 444
Eric Massa NY-29 905 1,136 18 231
Joe Sestak PA-07 876 1,130 30 254
Patrick Murphy PA-08 687 909 28 222
Jerry McNerney CA-11 681 940 39 259
Darcy Burner WA-08 679 948 31 269
Linda Stender NJ-07 508 718 27 210
Paul Hodes NH-02 465 701 23 236
Larry Kissell NC-08 427 666 38 239
John Courage TX-21 415 631 23 216
Dan Seals IL-10 375 579 23 204
Jay Fawcett CO-05 375 603 26 228
Tim Walz MN-01 0 134 49 134
Total 12,783 16,543 460 3,760

Thanks again to SSP reader KCinDC for helping out with last night's data grab. You rock!

Candidate District Raised at Start 8/27 Raised Raised in Last 48hrs. Raised Since Launch
Ned Lamont CT-Sen $110,042.51 $116,843.51 $569.78 $6,801.00
Jon Tester MT-Sen $59,730.84 $68,158.44 $720.02 $8,427.60
Jim Webb VA-Sen $40,452.38 $54,536.45 $1,173.87 $14,084.07
Eric Massa NY-29 $21,042.29 $26,097.83 $190.02 $5,055.54
Joe Sestak PA-07 $26,574.49 $34,277.88 $995.03 $7,703.39
Patrick Murphy PA-08 $13,895.16 $18,487.10 $540.04 $4,591.94
Jerry McNerney CA-11 $17,873.76 $24,397.11 $851.04 $6,523.35
Darcy Burner WA-08 $13,209.06 $20,254.55 $630.02 $7,045.49
Linda Stender NJ-07 $8,877.30 $12,744.55 $505.02 $3,867.25
Paul Hodes NH-02 $8,817.34 $13,756.84 $525.03 $4,939.50
Larry Kissell NC-08 $6,855.92 $11,486.78 $1,065.05 $4,630.86
John Courage TX-21 $6,868.53 $11,023.86 $365.04 $4,155.33
Dan Seals IL-10 $6,314.74 $10,327.73 $372.03 $4,012.99
Jay Fawcett CO-05 $5,856.33 $10,403.77 $450.04 $4,547.44
Tim Walz MN-01 $0.00 $4,061.34 $1,225.09 $4,061.34
Total $346,410.65 $436,857.74 $10,177.12 $90,447.09

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Netroots August Fundraising Push Update #5

Posted by James L.

Yesterday was another great day for the Netroots candidates during our August fundraising push. Our newest addition to the page, MN-01's Tim Walz, got off to a great start with 75 donations in his first full day on the page. As I'm writing this, Tim is only two donations shy of joining the 100 club. Can we push him over the edge this afternoon?

In even better news, Netroots all-star Larry Kissell received a major boost when the DCCC's vice-chair, Rep. Artur Davis, moved to support his campaign. This is exactly what we wanted to happen with our fundraising push: give candidates an extra boost so that groups like the DCCC, labor, and PACs would take notice. Of course, Kissell will still need all the extra help that we can give him, so please consider his campaign when you decide which Netroots candidates to support in the next several days.

Yesterday was another good day for the Netroots candidates, with the readers of DailyKos, MyDD, and SSP bringing in over 350 new donations and $10,000 for strong progressive Democrats across the country. Like I said yesterday, the campaigns involved are noticing your support and are extremely grateful for it. Here's the latest chart detailing the action over the first five days of our push. All in all, we've raised over $80,000 from 3,300 donations over the past few days. Wow!

Candidate District 8/20 Donors 8/25 Donors New Donors in Past 24hrs. New Donors Since 8/20
Ned Lamont CT-Sen 3064 3,317 25 253
Jon Tester MT-Sen 2056 2,356 30 300
Jim Webb VA-Sen 1270 1,670 39 400
Eric Massa NY-29 905 1,118 17 213
Joe Sestak PA-07 876 1,100 26 224
Patrick Murphy PA-08 687 881 16 194
Jerry McNerney CA-11 681 901 21 220
Darcy Burner WA-08 679 917 16 238
Linda Stender NJ-07 508 691 16 183
Paul Hodes NH-02 465 678 13 213
Larry Kissell NC-08 427 628 16 201
John Courage TX-21 415 608 15 193
Dan Seals IL-10 375 556 15 181
Jay Fawcett CO-05 375 577 17 202
Tim Walz MN-01 10 75 85
Total 12,783 16,083 357 3,300

Before I forget, I'd like to once again say thanks to Swing State Project readers KCinDC and Predictor for helping me with today's chart. I really appreciate your help, guys! Continue reading below the fold for a detailed breakdown of the amount raised for each candidate. And, if you have the means to do so, please help us keep our momentum going.

Candidate District 8/20 Raised 8/25 Raised Raised in Past 24hrs. Raised Since 8/20
Ned Lamont CT-Sen $110,042.51 $116,273.73 $477.53 $6,231.22
Jon Tester MT-Sen $59,730.84 $67,438.42 $692.52 $7,707.58
Jim Webb VA-Sen $40,452.38 $53,362.58 $982.53 $12,910.20
Eric Massa NY-29 $21,042.29 $25,907.81 $293.95 $4,865.52
Joe Sestak PA-07 $26,574.49 $33,282.85 $2,257.51 $6,708.36
Patrick Murphy PA-08 $13,895.16 $17,947.06 $302.51 $4,051.90
Jerry McNerney CA-11 $17,873.76 $23,546.07 $737.52 $5,672.31
Darcy Burner WA-08 $13,209.06 $19,624.53 $197.52 $6,415.47
Linda Stender NJ-07 $8,877.30 $12,239.53 $242.52 $3,362.23
Paul Hodes NH-02 $8,817.34 $13,231.81 $112.52 $4,414.47
Larry Kissell NC-08 $6,855.92 $10,421.73 $187.52 $3,565.81
John Courage TX-21 $6,868.53 $10,658.82 $327.52 $3,790.29
Dan Seals IL-10 $6,314.74 $9,955.70 $327.51 $3,640.96
Jay Fawcett CO-05 $5,856.33 $9,953.73 $397.51 $4,097.40
Tim Walz MN-01 $2,836.25 $2,543.11 $2,836.25
Total $346,410.65 $426,680.62 $10,079.80 $80,269.97

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NC-08: DCCC Changes Its Mind, Moves to Back Kissell!

Posted by James L.

Phenomenal news, people. As you know, we began the August Netroots fundraising push with the goal of lifting up our netroots-endorsed candidates with a strong surge of online fundraising at a traditionally weak time of the summer for such activities. The goal was not so much to give campaigns the necessary funds to push them over the top, but to give them a fundraising "push" that would make larger donors and the DCCC take notice.

Well, guess what? The DCCC just noticed, and they're moving to back Netroots candidate Larry Kissell. (For more on Kissell's compelling story, see our earlier write-up about this race.) From the Charlotte Observer:

A Democratic Party official said Friday that the party's congressional campaign arm made a mistake in throwing its support to an 8th District candidate who later quit the race.

In directing more than $30,000 to Fayetteville lawyer Tim Dunn last year, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee bypassed Larry Kissell, a Montgomery County teacher. Dunn, an Iraq war veteran, was seen as a favorite before dropping out of the race in March.

Kissell went on to win the 8th District's May primary. He faces Republican U.S. Rep. Robin Hayes in November.

"The DCCC made a mistake in assessing this race," U.S. Rep. Artur Davis, D-Ala., and a vice chair of the committee. "But the voters are smarter than we are."

Davis appeared with Kissell at an evening rally Friday at Charlotte's Veterans Park.

He said party interest in Kissell's race represented "a huge shift." He said he plans to ask the committee to make the race one of its national priorities. That could translate into money and other aid from the party as well as trade unions and other groups traditionally aligned with Democrats.

Amazing. This is exactly what we wanted to happen for our Netroots candidates. With minimal resources based on small dollar donations like yours, Kissell made waves in the district, earning headlines for his low-budget campaign tactics. Now, the "big boys" are promising to pile on in a meaningful way.

Who else can we help push into the DCCC's sights? Jay Fawcett? Dan Seals? Jerry McNerney? Let's see how far we can take this thing. Great work, people!

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Friday, August 25, 2006

I Need Some Help Tonight

Posted by James L.

As you know, I've been keeping close track of all the action on the combined SSP/DailyKos/MyDD Actblue page this week during our last major fundraising push of the summer. Every night at midnight Eastern, I've been taking a snapshot of the page and inputting the data into a spreadsheet file. Tonight, however, there's a very good chance that I won't be online at midnight eastern (10pm local), so I'm throwing this out there to any of our readers who are able to lend a hand. I would appreciate it very much if someone could take a screenshot of the page at exactly 12:00am EDT and e-mail it to me, or post the numbers in the comments. I'll be sure to give you a shout-out during my next update.

On a related note, the Swing State Project has raised over $6200 for progressive Democrats during the past four days. That's some serious mojo for the little blog that could. Can we make it to $7000? And while we're on the subject, who have you donated to this week?

UPDATE (David): Check out this great introduction of the newest netroots candidate, MN-01's Tim Walz.

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Netroots August Fundraising Push Update #4

Posted by James L.

Well, so we had an "off" day yesterday for the Netroots August Fundraising Push. But if you think about it, it wasn't "off" by any means. We had set a goal of 100 new donors for House challengers, and 250 for Senate challengers over a seven day period. And, with the exception of one candidate (Ned Lamont), we've already smashed apart those fundraising goals--in just four days. Moreover, as you can see from the chart below (which captures the numbers at midnight EDT every night), many of the House challengers are threatening to break through the new goal of 200 donations, and we haven't got too far to go to get Ned Lamont and Jon Tester to 300 donations this week (Jim Webb has been the undisputed netroots fundraising heavyweight this week).

All in all, from the great readers of MyDD, DailyKos, and Swing State, we've brought in over $70,000 for Netroots-endorsed candidates in the past four days. That's some pretty impressive action! And believe me, the campaigns involved have noticed, and are very grateful for the support in this traditionally sleepy time of the summer. Also, I have no doubt that when the newest Netroots candidate is introduced on DailyKos soon, we'll see some renewed buzz on the page.

Candidate District 8/20 Donors 8/24 Donors New Donors in Past 24hrs. New Donors Since 8/20
Ned Lamont CT-Sen 3064 3292 38 228
Jon Tester MT-Sen 2056 2326 41 270
Jim Webb VA-Sen 1270 1631 57 361
Eric Massa NY-29 905 1101 21 196
Joe Sestak PA-07 876 1074 24 198
Patrick Murphy PA-08 687 865 20 178
Jerry McNerney CA-11 681 880 31 199
Darcy Burner WA-08 679 901 34 222
Linda Stender NJ-07 508 675 17 167
Paul Hodes NH-02 465 665 22 200
Larry Kissell NC-08 427 612 36 185
John Courage TX-21 415 593 27 178
Dan Seals IL-10 375 541 22 166
Jay Fawcett CO-05 375 560 34 185
Tim Walz MN-01 10 10 10
Total 12,783 15,726 434 2,943

We had a bit of a break yesterday, but let's see if we can ramp it up over the next few days. If you haven't done so, and you have the means to contribute, please consider supporting one of the netroots candidates today. If all this number crunching isn't your thing, David and I have been running a few blurbs about some of the candidates to give you a better sense of some of the races. So far, we've done Larry Kissell, Joe Sestak, and Jerry McNerney. Hopefully we'll write up a few more as time permits.

As always, read below the fold to see the hard dollar figures that we've raised over the past few days.

Candidate District 8/20 Raised 8/24 Raised Raised in Past 24hrs. Raised Since 8/20
Ned Lamont CT-Sen $110,042.51 $115,796.20 $943.16 $5,753.69
Jon Tester MT-Sen $59,730.84 $66,745.90 $1,003.13 $7,015.06
Jim Webb VA-Sen $40,452.38 $52,380.05 $2,068.21 $11,927.67
Eric Massa NY-29 $21,042.29 $25,613.86 $553.15 $4,571.57
Joe Sestak PA-07 $26,574.49 $31,025.34 $408.17 $4,450.85
Patrick Murphy PA-08 $13,895.16 $17,644.55 $368.13 $3,749.39
Jerry McNerney CA-11 $17,873.76 $22,808.55 $538.20 $4,934.79
Darcy Burner WA-08 $13,209.06 $19,427.01 $743.18 $6,217.95
Linda Stender NJ-07 $8,877.30 $11,997.01 $233.15 $3,119.71
Paul Hodes NH-02 $8,817.34 $13,119.29 $338.16 $4,301.95
Larry Kissell NC-08 $6,855.92 $10,234.21 $623.15 $3,378.29
John Courage TX-21 $6,868.53 $10,331.30 $493.17 $3,462.77
Dan Seals IL-10 $6,314.74 $9,628.19 $328.11 $3,313.45
Jay Fawcett CO-05 $5,856.33 $9,556.22 $743.17 $3,699.89
Tim Walz MN-01 $293.14 $293.14 $293.14
Total $346,410.65 $416,600.82 $9,677.38 $70,190.17

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Netroots August Fundraising Push: Support Larry Kissell

Posted by James L.

If there's one candidate who actually tugs at your heartstrings this cycle, it's Larry Kissell. Larry's story is all too familiar to the voters of North Carolina's 8th Congressional District. After graduating from University, Larry climbed through the ranks of the local textile industry for 27 years before free trade agreements and corporate consolidation finally took its toll and he was forced to pursue a new career as a social studies teacher. Many of his 800 coworkers were not as fortunate. Now Larry is running for Congress on an economically progressive platform in a district that's been coping with increasingly leaner times under their Republican congressman, Robin Hayes.

Hayes, mindful of his constituent's extreme distaste for the economic effects of globalization and corporate trade pacts, initially said that that he was "flat-out, completely, horizontally opposed to CAFTA," and insisted that "it's not in the best interests of the core constituency I represent," and that "there is no way I could vote for CAFTA." (Source) However, it didn't take long before the Republican strong-arms bullied and bribed Hayes into voting for the Central American Free Trade Agreement, much to the locals' disgust.

This race was originally a DCCC target, but their preferred candidate, Iraq War vet Tim Dunn, dropped out (and so did they). However, with limited resources but an endless supply of great ideas, Kissell's campaign has converted a low budget into a buzz-generating, free media-earning campaign. His best move yet was to sell gas for $1.22/gallon--its price when Hayes was first elected in 1998, as a way to tie the incumbent and his big oil supporters with high gas prices. The move was a stroke of genius for the Kissell campaign, and the event gobbled up lots of local newspaper headlines and radio buzz. The Hotline praised the move as an example that all attention-starved second-tier Democratic campaigns should follow this fall. Even national media sources like CNN were jolted, too:

How much do you want to bet that those 500 voters--Democrats, Independents, and Republicans alike--became dyed in the wool Kissell supporters? Chances are, nearly all of them became Kissell converts. After all, Larry did more for them with one cheap tank of gas than Hayes has done for them in 8 years in Congress.

Recent polling shows that Kissell is well within striking distance of Hayes, but he needs your help to keep his momentum going. Based on his campaign's performance so far, Larry knows how to make your small-dollar donations go far!

Contribute to Larry Kissell and the Netroots candidates today.

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Netroots August Fundraising Push Update #3

Posted by James L.

Day 3 of our week-long August Netroots fundraising push has come and gone, and I'm already running out of synonyms for "wow." In 72 hours, we have smashed apart our original fundraising goal of 100 donations for each of our Netroots-endorsed House challengers by a margin of 50% or more. Our Senate endorsements have done extremely well, too. Jim Webb has already amassed over 300 new donations, and Jon Tester and Ned Lamont are on the precipice of meeting our goal of raising 250 new donations for Senate challengers this week on the combined MyDD/DailyKos/Swing State Project Actblue page. And, best of all, the momentum has not stalled--we've brought in 889 new donations yesterday, and pushed the total donations on the Netroots page over $500,000. That means we've raised over $60,000 in 72 hours for strong progressive candidates all across the country. Below is the latest chart detailing the action:

Candidate District 8/20 Donors 8/23 Donors New Donors in Past 24hrs. New Donors Since 8/20
Ned Lamont CT-Sen 3064 3254 67 190
Jon Tester MT-Sen 2056 2285 80 229
Jim Webb VA-Sen 1270 1574 100 304
Eric Massa NY-29 905 1080 73 175
Joe Sestak PA-07 876 1050 61 174
Patrick Murphy PA-08 687 845 51 158
Jerry McNerney CA-11 681 849 57 168
Darcy Burner WA-08 679 867 71 188
Linda Stender NJ-07 508 658 49 150
Paul Hodes NH-02 465 643 61 178
Larry Kissell NC-08 427 576 53 149
John Courage TX-21 415 566 55 151
Dan Seals IL-10 375 519 55 144
Jay Fawcett CO-05 375 526 56 151
Total 12,783 15,292 889 2,509

If anyone's keeping score, that means that the readers of DailyKos, Swing State, and MyDD, in just 72 hours, have raised about 33% more than the conservative blogosphere's Rightroots project has for the entire cycle. Way to go, team! If you haven't had the chance to join in on our August fundraising push, and have the means, please do so here. Keep the momentum going!

Click "Continue Reading" for another chart detailing the actual hard dollars raised over the first 72 hours of the push.

Candidate District 8/20 Raised 8/23 Raised Raised in Past 24hrs. Raised Since 8/20
Ned Lamont CT-Sen $110,042.51 $114,853.04 $1,447.15 $4,810.53
Jon Tester MT-Sen $59,730.84 $65,742.77 $1,896.18 $6,011.93
Jim Webb VA-Sen $40,452.38 $50,311.84 $2,728.29 $9,859.46
Eric Massa NY-29 $21,042.29 $25,060.71 $1,763.20 $4,018.42
Joe Sestak PA-07 $26,574.49 $30,617.17 $1,078.21 $4,042.68
Patrick Murphy PA-08 $13,895.16 $17,276.42 $1,025.08 $3,381.26
Jerry McNerney CA-11 $17,873.76 $22,270.35 $1,287.15 $4,396.59
Darcy Burner WA-08 $13,209.06 $18,683.83 $2,031.27 $5,474.77
Linda Stender NJ-07 $8,877.30 $11,763.86 $808.15 $2,886.56
Paul Hodes NH-02 $8,817.34 $12,781.13 $1,175.28 $3,963.79
Larry Kissell NC-08 $6,855.92 $9,611.06 $852.19 $2,755.14
John Courage TX-21 $6,868.53 $9,838.13 $878.18 $2,969.60
Dan Seals IL-10 $6,314.74 $9,300.08 $1,017.16 $2,985.34
Jay Fawcett CO-05 $5,856.33 $8,813.05 $933.20 $2,956.72
Total $346,410.65 $406,923.44 $18,920.69 $60,512.79

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Netroots August Fundraising Push: Support Joe Sestak

Posted by DavidNYC

Joe Sestak, a recently retired Vice Admiral, took everyone by surprise with his impressive entrance into the race for Pennsylvania's 7th congressional district. A political unknown, he raised over $400,000 less than two months after declaring his candidacy. Needless to say, people - the netroots included - took notice.

We quickly learned that Sestak was running in a district that had moved markedly to the left over the years - from R+4.4 in the 90s to D+3.6 - something the local bloggers had, in fact, been pointing out for some time. Sestak's entrace crystallized this fact for the rest of us. Yet despite this shift, incumbent Curt Weldon hadn't received a serious challenge in years.

But then it got better: Those of us not familiar with Weldon soon realized he was a totally unhinged conservative extremist. While Curt Weldon was off selling access to the highest bidder, Joe Sestak was honorably serving his country.

It was hard to believe that Weldon had gone unchallenged for so long, but with a strong Fighting Dem clearly well-positioned to put up a tough fight, we realized Joe Sestak was a perfect fit for the netroots page - and, it turns out, vice-versa. From the Washington Post, just a few days ago:

Sestak is getting support from traditional sources such as labor unions and newer ones such as the "Net roots" -- online activists who are channeling significant sums to anti[-Iraq ]war Democrats. He has raised $230,000 online this cycle, including thousands through blogs.

"We really hit a vein," he said.

Indeed he has. Around a month after the netroots endorsement, Sestak was added to the first wave of the DCCC's Red to Blue list. This fit perfectly into our strategy of helping to get the ball rolling so that the big boys take notice and come in later. Of course, it's our privilege to stick with Joe until he crosses the finish line in November. So please consider contributing or volunteering today.

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Netroots August Fundraising Push Update #2

Posted by James L.

The Netroots August fundraising push continues to amaze. As you know, our goal is to amass 100 new contributions for each House candidate and 250 for each Senate candidate on the combined MyDD/DailyKos/Swing State Project Actblue page. After a few minutes of crunching the numbers, it amazes me to say that we've smashed the fundraising goals for 7 of the 11 House challengers, and are well on our way towards meeting our Senate goals as well--and all this after only 48 hours into our week-long fundraising push. You guys, from all across the netroots, have really delivered for the netroots-endorsed candidates at a traditionally tough time for fundraising (the dead of August). Below is a chart breaking down the action over the past 48 hours--I've removed, of course, the static totals for past candidates (Ciro Rodriguez and Francine Busby) as well as for BlogPAC, which is not the focus of this fundraising push.

Candidate District 8/20 Donors 8/22 Donors New Donors in Past 24hrs. New Donors Since 8/20
Ned Lamont CT-Sen 3064 3,187 62 123
Jon Tester MT-Sen 2056 2,205 73 149
Jim Webb VA-Sen 1270 1,474 86 204
Eric Massa NY-29 905 1,007 50 102
Joe Sestak PA-07 876 989 53 113
Patrick Murphy PA-08 687 794 48 107
Jerry McNerney CA-11 681 792 53 111
Darcy Burner WA-08 679 796 59 117
Linda Stender NJ-07 508 609 45 101
Paul Hodes NH-02 465 582 64 117
Larry Kissell NC-08 427 523 46 96
John Courage TX-21 415 511 42 96
Dan Seals IL-10 375 464 43 89
Jay Fawcett CO-05 375 470 45 95
Total 12,783 13,634 769 1,620

This is fantastic momentum, and if you haven't had the chance yet to make a contribution, and you have the means, please consider doing so. This is especially vital for three House challengers (Darcy Burner, Eric Massa, and Paul Hodes) who have to submit early fundraising reports for the period ending at midnight tonight. For more numbers, click on "Extended Entry" and see exactly how much each Netroots candidate has raised over the first 48 hours of this push.

Candidate District 8/20 Raised 8/22 Raised Raised in Past 24hrs. Raised Since 8/20
Ned Lamont CT-Sen $110,042.51 $113,405.89 $1,496.12 $3,363.38
Jon Tester MT-Sen $59,730.84 $63,846.59 $1,584.47 $4,115.75
Jim Webb VA-Sen $40,452.38 $47,583.55 $2,100.98 $7,131.17
Eric Massa NY-29 $21,042.29 $23,297.51 $1,163.96 $2,255.22
Joe Sestak PA-07 $26,574.49 $29,538.96 $1,028.06 $2,964.47
Patrick Murphy PA-08 $13,895.16 $16,251.34 $1,034.92 $2,356.18
Jerry McNerney CA-11 $17,873.76 $20,983.20 $1,373.06 $3,109.44
Darcy Burner WA-08 $13,209.06 $16,652.56 $1,727.09 $3,443.50
Linda Stender NJ-07 $8,877.30 $10,955.71 $892.04 $2,078.41
Paul Hodes NH-02 $8,817.34 $11,605.85 $1,647.10 $2,788.51
Larry Kissell NC-08 $6,855.92 $8,758.87 $841.54 $1,902.95
John Courage TX-21 $6,868.53 $8,959.95 $840.03 $2,091.42
Dan Seals IL-10 $6,314.74 $8,282.92 $946.92 $1,968.18
Jay Fawcett CO-05 $5,856.33 $7,879.85 $922.10 $2,023.52
Total $346,410.65 $388,002.75 $17,598.39 $41,592.10

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Netroots August Fundraising Push: Support Jerry McNerney

Posted by James L.

As the August combined Netroots fundraising push kicks into gear, it's time that we look back upon each of the Netroots-endorsed challengers and remind ourselves why their fight is worthy of our resources and attention this fall. Let's start with CA-11 challenger, Jerry McNerney.

McNerney is in the unique position of being endorsed by BOTH of his opponent's Republican primary challengers (including former Rep. Pete McCloskey, author of the Endangered Species Act), and being on the receiving end of major assistance from local and national environmental groups who are scrambling to defeat the incumbent, Richard Pombo. Pombo was made infamous for using taxpayer's money to go on a family vacation to various national parks--and then turning around and proposing the sale of these national parks to the same developers who supported his campaigns.

McNerney, on the other hand, is a true progressive champion, and as a former CEO of a wind power company, he would be an invaluable voice in the next Congress for renewable and alternative energy policies. If McNerney could catch the eye of the DCCC with the help of a strong netroots and grassroots push, Pombo would be facing a perfect storm against him this November.

Please support Jerry McNerney and the Netroots candidates today.

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Netroots August Fundraising Push Update #1

Posted by James L.

All I have to say is: wow. Earlier today, Swing State Project, MyDD, and Dailykos kicked off a week-long campaign to promote the combined Netroots Actblue page. Using 12:00AM EDT, August 21 as our benchmark, the goal was to "see each House candidate on the list get 100 new contributions over the next week, and each Senate candidate 250." I've been tracking the numbers as they've come in over the first 24 hours of the promotion, and based on this, we are well on our way to meeting and exceeding these goals.

Below is a chart detailing the movement in terms of each candidate's total number of donors over the day:

Candidate District 8/20 Donors 8/21 Donors New Donors
Ned Lamont CT-Sen 3064 3125 61
Jon Tester MT-Sen 2056 2132 76
Jim Webb VA-Sen 1270 1388 118
Eric Massa NY-29 905 957 52
Joe Sestak PA-07 876 936 60
Patrick Murphy PA-08 687 746 59
Jerry McNerney CA-11 681 739 58
Darcy Burner WA-08 679 737 58
Linda Stender NJ-07 508 564 56
Paul Hodes NH-02 465 518 53
Larry Kissell NC-08 427 477 50
John Courage TX-21 415 469 54
Dan Seals IL-10 375 421 46
Jay Fawcett CO-05 375 425 50

As you can see, almost every House challenger received at least 50 new contributions over the first 24 hours alone. You guys are kicking some serious ass. In terms of hard dollars, below is a chart detailing the overall movement of the day for each candidate. In total, the Netroots page raised nearly $25,000 today for great progressive candidates across the country.

Candidate District 8/20 Raised 8/21 Raised New Contributions
Ned Lamont CT-Sen $110,042.51 $111,909.77 $1,867.26
Jon Tester MT-Sen $59,730.84 $62,262.12 $2,531.28
Jim Webb VA-Sen $40,452.38 $45,482.57 $5,030.19
Eric Massa NY-29 $21,042.29 $22,133.55 $1,091.26
Joe Sestak PA-07 $26,574.49 $28,510.90 $1,936.41
Patrick Murphy PA-08 $13,895.16 $15,216.42 $1,321.26
Jerry McNerney CA-11 $17,873.76 $19,610.14 $1,736.38
Darcy Burner WA-08 $13,209.06 $14,925.47 $1,716.41
Linda Stender NJ-07 $8,877.30 $10,063.67 $1,186.37
Paul Hodes NH-02 $8,817.34 $9,958.75 $1,141.41
Larry Kissell NC-08 $6,855.92 $7,917.33 $1,061.41
John Courage TX-21 $6,868.53 $8,119.92 $1,251.39
Dan Seals IL-10 $6,314.74 $7,336.00 $1,021.26
Jay Fawcett CO-05 $5,856.33 $6,957.75 $1,101.42
$440,278.92 $464,879.98 $24,601.06

I will continue to track the page's progress throughout the week. I expect that we'll see some more serious action in the days ahead as we continue to promote the page, its candidates, and the soon-to-be-announced final endorsements.

Donate today.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Help Support the Netroots Candidates

Posted by DavidNYC

Alright, folks: It's time to fork over some hard-earned cash to help our never-ending quest to elect more Democrats. This week, DailyKos, MyDD and Swing State Project, as promised, will be pushing all the candidates on our combined Netroots ActBlue page:

Darcy Burner (WA-08) - 679
John Courage (TX-21) - 415
Jay Fawcett (CO-05) - 375
Paul Hodes (NH-02) - 465
Larry Kissell (NC-08) - 427
Ned Lamont (CT-Sen) - 3,064
Eric Massa (NY-29) - 905
Jerry McNerney (CA-11) - 681
Patrick Murphy (PA-08) - 687
Dan Seals (IL-10) - 375
Joseph Sestak (PA-07) - 876
Linda Stender (NJ-07) - 508
Jon Tester (MT-Sen) - 2,056
James Webb (VA-Sen) - 1,270

If you've been following the progress of the netroots page, you've gotten to know each of these candidates over the last few months, some of them quite well. But if you are new to this project, or if some of the names on this list are unfamiliar to you, I strongly encourage you to check out the ActBlue page. Each candidate's listing includes a number of local blogs devoted to covering that particular race. Those sites will give you some of the best perspectives possible on each race.

But more importantly, it really is time to throw down. We picked each of these races in large part because, at least at the time they were added, they were all non-top-tier races. In other words, we - the netroots community - identified races where netroots dollars could go the furthest. When you give to any of these candidates, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that, collectively, our money is not a mere drop in the bucket, but is actually making a difference.

In that vein, we'd like to announce our goals for this fundraising push: We'd like to see each House candidate on the list get 100 new contributions over the next week, and each Senate candidate 250. The numbers following each candidate's name above indicate the total number of donations made as of midnight Eastern time last night, so that's what we're using as our benchmark. We'll be posting progress updates daily - though of course, you can always check out the ActBlue page yourself.

Because most donations to this page are small-dollar gifts, the number of contributors is almost more important than the amount we give. When a big-time donor maxes out, he's given all he can give. But a smart campaign, with the right kind of outreach, can turn a one-time $25 donation into several repeat donations, and may even turn that donor into a volunteer as well.

So no matter what, any amount you can give is fantastic. Whether you can give $100 to ten candidates, or $10 to one candidate, you will be counted in this fundraising drive - and, I assure you, every campaign will be grateful whatever the size of your donation. This is really our chance to stand up, at a time (the dead of summer) when little fundraising activity is taking place, and show these campaigns that we've got their backs.

I also want to add that campaigns in several states have to file special "pre-primary" reports with the FEC soon. (Full list here, fourth para.) Three netroots candidates are affected by this: Paul Hodes in NH and Eric Massa in NY close their fundraising books this Wednesday (the 23rd), while Darcy Burner in WA does so next Wednesday (the 30th). So if you're looking to help someone finish out a reporting period strong, these three candidates are excellent choices. But of course, we want people to give to all the netroots candidates.

And lastly, if your favorite candidates are not on this list, we strongly encourage you to give to whomever you like. We're fast approaching Labor Day, after which most establishment players will make final decisions on where to place their last-minute support. So now is the time to help all Democrats, so that they can enter the proverbial crunch-time strong.

P.S. We'll be making announcements about the new netroots candidates within the next few days, so stay tuned! And feel free to use this thread to talk about all of your favorite candidates.

UPDATE: A brand-new SUSA poll shows Jim Webb trailing George "Macaca" Allen by just three points, 48-45! This represents an amazing 16-point jump for Webb since the end of June. We can definitely say we got in on the ground floor of this race. Go help Jim Webb out and put him over the top!

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Reminder: Netroots Fundraising Push Begins Tomorrow!

Posted by DavidNYC

Tomorrow - Monday, August 21st - we begin a weeklong fundraising push for all the candidates on the Daily Kos/MyDD/Swing State Project netroots page. We'll also soon be announcing the final additions to the list. As always, if your favorite candidates aren't on the list, we strongly encourage you to donate to any and all Democrats you do like. And remember, campaigns in AZ, DE, MD, MN, NH, NY, RI, VT & WI all close their books on Wednesday the 23rd, so this is a crucial time to help candidates show good fundraising numbers for their FEC reports.

If you're wondering what this is all about, check here and here. And if you haven't yet nominated your preferred candidates, this is your final chance to do so. (One request: Please submit nominations via comments, not via e-mail. Thanks!)

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

New Progressive Patriots Fund Vote

Posted by James L.

Russ Feingold's Progressive Patriots Fund is back in action, and they're asking for your vote in deciding who to send a fat $5000 check to. As always, they've chosen an interesting mix of candidates from all tiers and corners of the country. The one thing I really dig about Feingold's PAC is that they don't slap together a list entirely composed DCCC-backed candidates. The DCCC casts as wide a net as they think is viable, but there's always a few worthy races left behind. Here's the list of candidates (Netroots candidates in bold):

Tim Barnwell (TX-26)
Phyllis Busansky (FL-09)
David Gill (IL-15)
Jim Hansen (ID-02)
Larry Kissell (NC-08)
Chris Murphy (CT-05)
Patrick Murphy (PA-08)
Ed Perlmutter (CO-07)
Joe Sestak (PA-07)
Nancy Skinner (MI-09)
Carol Voisin (OR-02)
Patty Wetterling (MN-06)

I won't tell you who to vote for in this contest, but I will make a suggestion: Larry Kissell. He could use the extra scratch more badly than either of the other Netroots-endorsed candidates, and from what I've seen, Kissell is running a great campaign with the minimal resources that he's got. His best move so far has been to sell gas at $1.22/gallon--the price it was when incumbent NC-08 congressman Robin Hayes took office in 1999. Over 500 cars lined up to take advantage of the stunt (you can be sure that they instantly converted to dyed-in-the-wool Kissell voters) and Kissell picked up loads of free airtime on local TV and radio news because of it. And would you know it? The expert prognosticators shot up and took notice, praising the stunt as an example for all other attention-starved second-tier campaigns to follow. This guy knows how to campaign on the cheap, so just imagine what he could do with some extra scratch.

But those are just my two cents. Have your say here. Voting ends on August 23.

Update: If this contest matches the last Progressive Patriots Fund vote, I would assume that the other candidates will also receive smaller contributions depending on their share of the vote.

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Netroots Candidates: Call for Nominations

Posted by DavidNYC

This week, we're opening up the MyDD/DailyKos/Swing State Project Netroots Candidates list for what will probably be this year's final round of nominations. You can find a complete run-down on both the selection process and the candidate criteria we use in this earlier post. If you aren't yet familiar with the Netroots ActBlue page, I'd summarize it like this: It's a list of strong - but not quite top-tier - candidates who either already have broad support in the netroots or who ought to have such support. Our goal, in other words, is to identify campaigns where our ability to impact the race will be greatest. We don't want to pile on after the big boys - we want to get the ball rolling so that the big boys will come in and pile on after us.

We'll be announcing the new selections (probably two to three names) next week. That announcement will also kick off a mid-summer fundraising push for the entire roster of candidates. Conventional wisdom says that summertime is one of the worst times of year to raise money. We want to see if we can push back a bit against that CW and rake in some bucks when most other people probably aren't even trying.

It's also important to note that candidates in several states with late primaries have to file "pre-primary" reports with the FEC soon: FL on 8/16; AZ, DE, MD, MN, NH, NY, RI, VT & WI on 8/23; MA & WA on 8/30; and HI on 9/3. So if you want to see your favorite federal candidates put out a good fundraising report, now is the time to give - especially for Florida campaigns, which close the books in just two days.

One final note: As always, we want to stress that the Netroots page is just one ActBlue page created by three like-minded blogs. The beauty of the Internets is that you can start your own blog, your own ActBlue page, or both, in under five minutes, all for free. If our selection process or actual picks don't suit you, or even if you just feel like starting your own fundraising page, we wholeheartedly encourage you to do so. In fact, ActBlue is offering a special promotion this month:

[W]e'll be sending copies of An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore's phenomenal new book (and companion to his phenomenal movie) to everyone who raises a total of $600 from at least 6 donors by September 6th!

So, without further ado, please fire away in the comments with your nominations. And if you can offer some reasons why you think your favorite candidate(s) should be included, that's even better.

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Friday, July 28, 2006

Vote in John Edwards' One America Committee Competition

Posted by James L.

Yet another one of the ever-so-popular "you vote for 'em and I'll fundraise for 'em" PAC competitions, this time by John Edwards' One America Committee. The list is pretty fat, and it includes several incumbent Democrats who are looking safe this cycle: Reps. Dennis Moore (KS), Stephanie Herseth (SD), Brian Higgins (NY), and Jim Matheson (UT). So far the shape of things for even the most vulnerable incumbent Democrats this November is looking pretty good, so I would advise against voting for any incumbents--but especially not those incumbents. The bright side is that you can vote for several candidates in a checklist format (so really, you can vote for as many as you want), and there will be two winners who will be the receipients of fundraisers headlined by the former Senator. Vote wisely! You have until August 4.

My only beef: they should have added netroots all-stars Larry Kissell (of John Edwards' home state, no less!) and Swing State Project favorite Paul Hodes.

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hodes, Sestak Are Leaders in Cash-on-Hand Competitiveness

Posted by DavidNYC

Taking a break from bar study here, as you might have guessed. CQ has helpfully put together a list of the top fifty House challengers (PDF) in terms of cash-on-hand. (The list does not include open seats.) I was curious to know how competitive each challenger actually is, though: If you've got $500K, that's all well-and-good - but your opponent has $2M, then you've got a lot of ground to make up. So I plugged in incumbent CoH totals and divided challenger CoH by incumbent CoH to arrive at a "competitiveness" percentage (listed in the far right-hand column). Here are how the top ten challengers shake out:

Rank State District Chal. Party CoH Inc. Party CoH Chal. %age
1 Ind. 8 Ellsworth D $676,475 Hostettler R $195,146 347%
2 N.C. 11 Shuler D $668,745 Taylor R $237,924 281%
3 Wyo. AL Trauner D $234,785 Cubin R $217,871 108%
4 Pa. 6 Murphy D $1,402,793 Gerlach R $1,302,975 108%
5 N.H. 2 Hodes D $442,888 Bass R $453,449 98%
6 Conn. 4 Farrell D $1,376,139 Shays R $1,507,565 91%
7 N.C. 13 Robinson R $466,768 Miller D $540,736 86%
8 Pa. 7 Sestak D $993,746 Weldon R $1,152,012 86%
9 Ind. 9 Hill D $973,305 Sodrel R $1,138,911 85%
10 Conn. 2 Courtney D $988,430 Simmons R $1,283,416 77%

As you can see, two netroots candidates occupy top spots on the list: Paul Hodes at #5, and Joe Sestak at #8. Not too shabby, especially considering that neither Hodes nor Sestak have held political office before. As far as the Democrats on this list go, this group at the top will of necessity be among the most competitive challengers this campaign season.

You can find the rest of the top fifty below the fold.

Rank State District Chal. Party CoH Inc. Party CoH Chal. %age
11 Iowa 3 Lamberti R $820,105 Boswell D $1,093,465 75%
12 N.Y. 20 Gillibrand D $754,333 Sweeney R $1,008,506 75%
13 Neb. 1 Moul D $369,716 Fortenberry R $496,449 74%
14 Va. 2 Kellam D $517,210 Drake R $708,487 73%
15 Va. 10 Feder D $461,247 Wolf R $636,089 73%
16 Fla. 22 Klein D $2,132,126 Shaw R $3,036,936 70%
17 Wash. 8 Burner D $769,822 Reichert R $1,111,841 69%
18 Ga. 8 Collins R $793,234 Marshall D $1,206,784 66%
19 Ore. 4 Feldkamp R $240,170 DeFazio D $367,754 65%
20 Ariz. 5 Mitchell D $666,476 Hayworth R $1,049,710 63%
21 Pa. 10 Carney D $301,245 Sherwood R $479,134 63%
22 N.M. 1 Madrid D $1,258,845 Wilson R $2,051,557 61%
23 La. 3 Romero R $958,990 Melancon D $1,651,630 58%
24 Ohio 1 Cranley D $775,757 Chabot R $1,381,770 56%
25 Ga. 12 Burns R $733,393 Barrow D $1,338,950 55%
26 S.C. 5 Norman R $733,600 Spratt D $1,535,307 48%
27 Ariz. 1 Simon D $381,882 Renzi R $804,654 47%
28 W.V. 1 Wakim R $318,306 Mollohan D $674,593 47%
29 Pa. 8 Murphy D $495,236 Fitzpatrick R $1,132,980 44%
30 Wash. 2 Roulstone R $383,994 Larsen D $886,431 43%
31 N.J. 7 Stender D $650,118 Ferguson R $1,514,084 43%
32 Ohio 15 Kilroy D $775,469 Pryce R $1,818,555 43%
33 Ky. 4 Lucas D $609,801 Davis R $1,555,077 39%
34 Conn. 5 Murphy D $1,021,569 Johnson R $2,621,000 39%
35 Nev. 3 Hafen D $600,587 Porter R $1,609,758 37%
36 Colo. 4 Paccione D $381,685 Musgrave R $1,083,421 35%
37 Ky. 2 Weaver D $335,147 Lewis R $1,022,690 33%
38 Minn. 1 Walz D $252,829 Gutknecht R $826,391 31%
39 Colo. 3 Tipton R $342,905 Salazar D $1,177,634 29%
40 Tex. 17 Taylor R $454,453 Edwards D $1,576,787 29%
41 N.Y. 19 Aydelott D $344,344 Kelly R $1,207,757 29%
42 Ind. 2 Donnelly D $435,215 Chocola R $1,554,483 28%
43 Ill. 10 Seals D $507,975 Kirk R $1,859,582 27%
44 Ill. 11 Pavich D $276,828 Weller R $1,028,626 27%
45 Ky. 3 Yarmuth D $417,929 Northup R $1,854,187 23%
46 Ill. 8 McSweeney R $473,615 Bean D $2,175,474 22%
47 Mich. 8 Marcinkowski D $225,733 Rogers R $1,148,665 20%
48 Fla. 16 Mahoney D $567,634 Foley R $2,913,304 19%
49 N.Y. 19 Hall D $220,835 Kelly R $1,207,757 18%
50 Ohio 12 Shamansky D $262,131 Tiberi R $1,726,991 15%

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Blogosphere Day

Posted by James L.

By now you've probably heard the explosive new buzz on the 'net today: Joe Lieberman's campaign is apparently mulling over the option of accepting the Republican line on the November ballot should he lose the Democratic primary and if the only other Republican in the race, Alan Card-Countin' Schlesinger, can be forced to withdraw his candidacy.

Now, I don't know if this press secretary A) made an unbelievable fuck-up that will later be repudiated, or B) leaked something that should've been kept private or C) is part of a campaign with a death wish for the August 8 primary. I do know, however, that there's no use in taking chances when you're betting on Joe Lieberman's integrity. We've all seen how willing he is to abandon the Democratic party and the primary voters who have put their faith in him over the past 18 years in order to save his own hide. From now until August 8, every dollar you donate to Ned Lamont's campaign will be matched by Ned personally. If you want to make your dollars go twice as far, now's your chance.

If you can, now's also a good day to donate to any of the other Netroots candidates. Let's show some solidarity for strong Democrats everywhere.

Update: As noted in the comments (by the best gold-dang blog commenters in the biz), Lieberman has ruled out accepting the Republican ballot line. Still, as Tim Tagaris notes, it does say a lot about the situation that this was a legitimate question.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Reminder: Pac For A Change Contest

Posted by James L.

Just a reminder to all of you who haven't voted in Barbara Boxer's PAC For A Change Senate challenger competition--you've got three days to submit your ballots. The winner gets a fundraising appeal from Senator Boxer; if you've seen the PAC's Actblue page, you'd know that this can mean some serious mojo. Currently Bob Casey is in the lead, which is maddening. I don't really have anything against Casey. I think he'd be a huge improvement over Rick Santorum, but c'mon. When has Casey EVER trailed in the polls against Santorum? Casey's got a fairly large warchest, a very good profile, third-party support and stellar poll numbers. He doesn't need this boost. Every other candidate in the running, including Claire McCaskill and Sherrod Brown (who sit at a close second and third, respectively), needs it more.

Vote your conscience, but also vote with your head please.

PAC For A Change

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Revenge of 2Q Fundraising Reports Open Thread

Posted by James L.

Well, the clock is running out for campaigns to file their 2Q fundraising reports, so let's give this topic a big ol' SSP-style goodbye in one last open thread. (Parts one and two can be found here and here.)

First off, what's one sure way to tell an incumbent politician's career is going down the tubes (and no, not those kinds of tubes, Senator Stevens)? Well, raising only $123,000 in the second quarter of the most dangerous re-election campaign of their career is one sure indicator. Just look at Bob Ney:

Zack Space (D): $308k raised ($204k cash-on-hand)
Bob Ney (R-Inc.): $123k raised ($420k cash-on-hand)

Ney's raised $1.3m in total during this cycle, but that pace is clearly on a precipitous decline. Afterall, what's the point in buying off a congressman with campaign donations when he's two breaths short of an indictment? Space may be behind in the available cash drawer for now, but it probably won't take long for that to change given this atrociously tepid showing by Ney.

Also, from the Columbus Post-Dispatch, some more Ohio nums:

Sherrod Brown (D): $1.6m raised ($3.7m cash-on-hand)
Mike DeWine (R-Inc.): $2.1m raised ($6.6m cash-on-hand)
(Once again, Bush shows his donor base power: DeWine boosted his figures by $750k based on a June 30th fundraiser with the President. I wish Bill Clinton would spend more of his free time doing events like these.)

Mary Jo Kilroy (D): $571k raised ($776k cash-on-hand)
Deborah Pryce (R-Inc.): $649k raised ($1.81m cash-on-hand)
(Kilroy has really amped up her fundraising pace over the last quarter. She pulled in $318k last quarter. Unfortunately, Pryce is keeping pace as well, but this still should be a hot race this season.)

Bob Shamansky (D): $68k raised + $250k personal donation ($262k cash-on-hand)
Pat Tiberi (R-Inc.): $360k raised ($1.72m cash-on-hand)
(This is an interesting situation: Shamansky is a ripened former one-term congressman from the 1980s, and he's making a shot at returning to Congress. Donations have been fairly dry, as you can see, but Shamansky is vowing to put his own green on the line--$250k this cycle and likely more to come. If anything, an effective run by Shamansky could soften up Tiberi and bleed his coffers a bit for 2008. This district is pretty competitive between Democrats and Republicans in Presidential races, and Cook rates it a competitive R+0.7. I can't see a change of hands this cycle, but it still could be interesting to see what Shammy can do.)

More updates as they come. What numbers have you seen today?

Nevada update:

Jack Carter (D): $482k raised ($1.1m total raised)
(I'm not sure what Ensign's raised, but probably a gazillion.)

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Son of 2Q Fundraising Reports Open Thread

Posted by James L.

(Bbbbumped x2! Updated info at bottom.)

Part one of our second quarter campaign fundraising tally was just getting a bit too sprawling, so we'll pick up the slack over here.

AZ-01 (warning: PDF press release):
Ellen Simon (D): $500k raised ($200k of which was injected by herself)
(This is way out of left field. After letting this seat slip out of their fingers in 2004, and watching the most promising candidate for this race, Jack Jackson, Jr., drop out due to funding concerns, most AZ-01 Democrats assumed that this seat would be contested by some grade D candidate with pocket change for campaign funds. So who the heck is Simon and where is she getting all this money? Well, while it may be noticeably absent from her campaign website, she's a former head of the ACLU, so I'm sure she has the necessary connections. However, can you imagine the type of slime that Renzi is going to throw at her given her ACLU history? Not that she'll deserve it, but it won't take much effort for the smear machine to kick into gear here.)

As always, updates will be posted as I get 'em, or as you give 'em to me. What numbers have you seen lately?

Florida update (from the Palm Beach Post):

Bill Nelson (D): $2.3m raised ($12m cash-on-hand)
(That's $15m total that Nelson has raised so far. Lock this one up in the D column. Katherine Harris hasn't released her numbers yet.)

Ron Klein (D): $800k raised
(Great numbers for Klein, but watch out for Rep. Shaw's numbers--the NRCC claims he raised more than $800k just in one night's fundraising with President Bush. It's quite clear that while Bush may have a fairly high level of toxicity to the general public, the big money donor base is more than willing to show their gratitude.)

PA, NJ, and NY Update:

Bob Menendez (D): $2.587m raised ($7.39m cash-on-hand)
Tom Kean, Jr. (R): $1.1 million raised ($2.25m cash-on-hand)
(Shitty numbers for the Keanster, so expect the NRSC to waste a fair bit of coin on this one.)

Patrick Murphy (D): $452k raised ($494k cash-on-hand; $0.96m total raised)
Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Inc.): $300k raised ($1.1m cash-on-hand, $1.95m total raised)
(Ginny! only raised $600k total in her 2004 run; Patrick Murphy keeps on showing us why he's an exponentially superior candidate.)

NY-24 (open seat):
Mike Arcuri (D): $470k raised ($350k cash-on-hand)
Raymond Meier (R): $496k raised ($434k cash-on-hand)

In other news, Joe Sestak (also a Netroots candidate) is going to be added to the DCCC's Red-to-Blue program.

Texas Update (from the Houston Chronicle):

Nick Lampson (D): $600k raised ($2m cash-on-hand, $2.9m total raised)
(You think DeLay will have anything left after his legal fees eat up his war chest?)

CT & FL Update:

Diane Farrell (D): $788k raised ($1.4m cash-on-hand; $1.9m total raised)
(Wowza. That's a blockbuster amount--Farrell has already well surpassed the $1.55m she raised in her 2004 challenge against Shays. She pulled 48% of the vote last time to Shays' 52%. Farrell, Lois Murphy, and Ron Klein are in a class of their own for their stellar fundraising abilities among House challengers this cycle.)

Phyllis Busansky (D): $335k raised
Gus Bilirakis (R): $265k raised
(I'm not sure what the cash-on-hand numbers look like for this open seat, but Phyllis has raised $725k this cycle--that's the power of Red to Blue at work, folks.)

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

2Q Fundraising Reports Open Thread

Posted by James L.

(Bumped. Updated info at bottom.)

The second fundraising quarter ended a week ago, and campaigns have another week to submit their reports to the FEC, but there have been a number of fundraising totals floating around already. I'll be tallying up the notable ones in this thread (which I will bump up as more numbers come in). Please feel free to share any numbers you've seen, both for House and Senate candidates. As always, we'll be particularly interested in races with open seats, Republican incumbents, and vulnerable Democratic inumbents.

Here's what I've got so far:

Ed Perlmutter (D): $300k raised ($515k cash-on-hand)
Peggy Lamm (D): $243k raised
Rick O'Donnell (R): $305k raised ($859,000 cash-on-hand)
(Perlmutter's keeping a good pace, but he has a spirited primary to win against Lamm, and O'Donnell has a $1000/plate fundraiser with the President on tap this month. This is an open seat formerly held by outgoing Rep. Bob Beauprez (R), who's running for governor right now.)

MN-01 (subscription-only):
Tim Walz (D): $198k raised ($250k cash-on-hand)*
Gil Gutknecht (R-Inc.): $190k raised ($800k+ cash-on-hand)*
(*These numbers are estimates only--I'll watch out for an update. The good news for Walz is that he's outraised Gutknecht, and incumbent congressman, for the second quarter in a row. The bad news is a cruel cash-on-hand disadvantage. Still, after the first quarter, it was a 6-to-1 disadvantage. Now it's well under a 4-to-1 disadvantage. It's not stellar, but he's closing the gap.)

Kirsten Gillibrand (D): $500k raised ($750k cash-on-hand)
John Sweeney (R-Inc.): $479k raised ($1M cash-on-hand)
(Gillibrand is on fire. She came close to matching Sweeney's 1Q fundraising, and now she's taking the lead. That's fantastic for a first-time challenger against an established incumbent.)

PoliticsPA also reports Democrat Chris Carney raising $170k in the last three weeks of the quarter and having $290k cash-on-hand. That's good news for Carney, who's challenging incumbent Republican Rep. Don Sherwood, a truly odious man who barely survived a primary challenge against a no-name, no-spender. Sherwood's victory gave Carney a huge lift.

More updates as I get them.


Darcy Burner (D): $581k raised ($754,800 cash-on-hand)

John Cranley (D): $470k raised ($750k cash-on-hand... impressive)

Charlie Wilson (D): $275k raised ($235k cash-on-hand) $397k raised ($290k cash-on-hand)

Even more, this time from the AP in Pennsylvania:

Lois Murphy (D): $740k raised ($1.4m cash-on-hand)
Jim Gerlach (R-Inc.): $453k raised ($1.3m cash-on-hand)

Chris Carney (D): $210k raised ($295k cash-on-hand)
Don Sherwood (R-Inc.): $333k raised ($479k cash-on-hand)
(Carney started the quarter with $90k cash-on-hand, while Sherwood has just treaded water, considering how he had to spend over $300k just to fend off a weak primary challenge. Good movement for Carney.)

Another update:

Joe Sestak (D): $700k raised ("nearly" $1m cash-on-hand)
Curt Weldon (R-Inc.) $400k raised ($1.14m cash-on-hand)
(Absolutely stunning numbers. It's rare that a challenger outraises an incumbent, let alone by the fat margins that Lois Murphy and Joe Sestak are starting to do. Weldon's campaign is undoubtedly startled by this show of strength.)

Nebraska Update:

Maxine Moul (D): $310k raised ($360k cash-on-hand)
(All in all, Moul, a former NE Lt.-Gov., has raised $520k in her campaign this year--a record for a Democrat in this district.)

NE-03 (open seat; from sources close to the campaign):
Scott Kleeb (D): $203k raised ($277k cash on hand)
(Good numbers for a youngster like Kleeb in a deep red district that's had a couple of close calls with Democratic representation over the years. Kleeb's raised $386k in total.)

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Friday, June 30, 2006

Final 2Q Push

Posted by DavidNYC

This it, folks. Today is the end of the fundraising quarter, and this is the final push. As you know, every little bit counts. So please consider giving to one of the netroots candidates, or to any other Democrat you think is worthy.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Help the Netroots Candidates

Posted by DavidNYC

I know that no one likes these nags, including me. But there are only three days left in the fundraising quarter (including today). All of the netroots candidates could use your help. I've been talking up Paul Hodes aplenty, but the other new additions to the list are also very worthy: Linda Stender, Jerry McNerny and Jim Webb.

Don't forget, too, all the other great candidates on the list. I personally have a special fondness for Jon Tester, a guy whom this site took notice of long ago. Indeed, we started fundraising for him before the combined netroots page even came into existence. But Joe Sestak, Darcy Burner, Patrick Murphy, Eric Massa and Ned Lamont need our assistance no less. So please consider giving to one or more of these candidates by the end of the day on Friday. Any amount is appreciated.

P.S. As James notes in the comments, if you have candidates in mind other than the ones on the netroots list, you should give to them now as well. The importance of the quarterly numbers for all campaigns can't be underestimated. So please, give to any Democrat you think worthy.

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Opening Up the Netroots Page for Nominations

Posted by DavidNYC

By now you've probably encountered the Netroots Candidates ActBlue page at least once or twice. I want to talk a little bit about the idea behind the page, and our plans for the future.

This page is the brainchild of Matt Stoller of MyDD. It's currently administered by Matt, Chris Bowers (also of MyDD), Markos (of DailyKos) and myself. The goal of the page is to provide a central hub for netroots-backed candidates. What do we mean by that? Our aim is to identify strong candidates who either already have broad support in the netroots or who ought to have such support. And our hope is that other blogs will link to the Netroots Candidates page, or create their own pages backing these candidates.

(Note: If you are interested in linking to the Netroots Candidates ActBlue page and would like to get credit, you can do so using ActBlue's referral codes. Click here for more info on how those work - they're very simple to use.)

While the four of us have plenty of ideas about which candidates are worthy of our support, we want to open up the selection process and ask for suggestions from the entire netroots. After all, this kind of distributed task is one of the blogosphere's strong suits. With so many races, it would be impossible for any one person to be knowledgeable about all of them. But throw together a few thousand bloggers and blog-readers, and you've got yourself a pretty smart group mind.

So we'd like to hear whom you think the netroots should be supporting. And I should add that while the ActBlue page serves as a focal point, fundraising is only one part of this. Whenever possible, we plan to spread the word about other ways to get involved with the campaigns on the list.

Now, we've spent a lot of time thinking about what criteria can help inform the decision-making process. Here's the list we've come up with so far. A handful of these criteria are pretty much mandatory, but most are only advisory. Without further ado:


• The candidate must be running against a Republican incumbent or running for a GOP-held open seat.

• Primaries: There must be no Dem primary; an already-concluded Dem primary; or only token primary opposition. (It's too late in the cycle to get involved in primary races. We'll focus on that more in 2007-8.)

• It can't be a top-tier race. We can have a bigger impact in races which, so far, have received less attention and institutional backing. Simply put, the netroots isn't capable of raising millions of dollars, so the less money a campaign has raised so far, the further our dollars will go. And what's more, we can help bring attention to worthy races and inspire the big-dollar players to follow our lead. In any event, there's no hard-and-fast definition for this, but one rule of thumb is that if a challenger has raised over $1 million, it's probably already a top-tier race.

Positives (things which are pluses but not requirements, listed in no particular order):

• The candidate has a strong record as a Democrat.

• The Republican opponent is an easy target. (Think Tom DeLay or Curt Weldon.)

• The candidate is running in a blue-leaning district or state.

• There's a strong netroots presence in the area. (Example: DumpMike and the Blue 7th PAC in New Jersey.) Our ability to make a difference is strongly impacted by the quality of our information flow.

• The campaign itself has shown an interest in grassroots & netroots outreach.

• The race fits into a larger strategy or theme (eg, Northeast Strategy, Culture of Corruption, etc.), or can in some way be "nationalized."

• The candidate passes the "partisanship litmus test."

• House races are strongly preferred. Again, as per the above, we can have a bigger impact in smaller races.

So go ahead and make the case for any candidates you believe in. (If you want some guidance, here's a good example of how to make a strong case.) If you can detail how they do or don't fit in with these criteria, that would be excellent. And if you think there are other criteria we should be looking at, please let us know as well.

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Quarterly Fundraising Reports Open Thread

Posted by DavidNYC

Because the quarterly deadline (the 15th) falls on a Saturday, campaigns actually have to get their reports in to the FEC today. That means that many campaigns (mostly those which feel they've done well) will be releasing their numbers to the public today. For the rest, we'll have to wait until the FEC cranks out the official tallies next week. What numbers have you seen so far, both for House and Senate candidates? Please post `em in comments, with links where available. Here are a few I've seen:

CT-05: Chris Murphy
1Q Raised: $335,000
Cash-on-Hand: $650,000
(Incumbent Nancy Johnson raised $449K and has $2.47M cash-on-hand, which is a ton.)

NY-20: Kirsten Gillibrand
1Q Raised: $345,000
(Incumbent John Sweeney raised $368,000.)

TN-Sen: Harold Ford
1Q Raised: $1.5M
Cash-on-Hand: $2.2M
(Opponent Bob Corker raised $770K but has $4.4M cash-on-hand. There are two other GOPers running as well.)

CT-04: Diane Farrell
1Q Raised: $515K (wow!)
Cash-on-hand: $832K
(Incumbent Chris Shays raised $372K, the second quarter in a row he's raised less than Farrell. He has $1.1M cash-on-hand.)

I'll add more to the list as we come across them.

UPDATE: I'm most interested in R-incumbent or R-open seats, and at-risk D seats. Some more:

AZ-08: Patty Weiss
1Q Raised: $183K
(This is a very crowded primary for Jim Kolbe's open seat.)

IL-08: Melissa Bean
1Q Raised: $536K
Cash-on-hand: $1.75M (that's a lot)
(Opponent David McSweeney, a wealthy self-funder, only has $147K cash-on-hand and owes vendors $400K from his primary race.)

SD-AL: Stephanie Herseth
1Q Raised: $128K
Cash-on-hand: $631K
(Opponent Bruce Whalen will not file an FEC report this quarter. That means he hasn't even raised or spent $5,000! Thought you might like that one.)

Today's House Race Hotline was an invaluable resource for compiling this update.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

4Q Fundraising Open Thread

Posted by DavidNYC

(Bumped. Thanks to everyone who's been posting numbers in comments. Please feel free to keep doing so.)

The fundraising totals are already starting to flow fast and furious. These days, it seems that at least some campaigns like to release their numbers early via e-mail. I got one from Sherrod Brown saying he pulled in $497K, with cash-on-hand at $2.37M. What numbers have you seen so far?

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