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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Netroots End-of-Quarter Fundraising Push Day 4

Posted by DavidNYC

Yee haw! We're almost at 9,500 total donors on the netroots page. Just 500 more donors to go to hit our goal of 10,000 donors. We're also getting very close to 1,000 contributions for Trauner (815), Grant (815) and Walz (760). Jim Webb, by the way, went over 3,000 donations and Joe Sestak is within shooting distance of 2,000. We have two-and-a-half days left: Surely out there in the blogosphere there are more than enough people who can help put us over the top by Saturday night.

And you know things are really heating up in the political world - there have been multiple newsworthy items on the netroots candidates every day this week. Below, James has a roundup of three polls (MN-01, NH-02 and WA-08), all of which are good news. The latest Quinnipiac poll still has Ned Lamont trailing, but the trendlines are favorable, which I think is what really matters. A SUSA poll on VA-Sen also shows a tight race - and a big shift toward Webb after Felix Allen's racist past was corroborated by more people.

As always, if you have anything to share - new stories on any of the candidates, who you've been donating to, etc. - please share in the comments.

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One question:
It is my understanding that ActBlue just collects donations from various donors and transfers them to the candidates.
So which one is relevant for meeting the end-of-quarter deadline to be included to the fundraising-report, the single donation to ActBlue or the transfer from ActBlue to the candidate? Or will ActBlue ensure that all donations until 10/31 are transferred to the candidates in time?

Posted by: micha1976 [TypeKey Profile Page] at September 29, 2006 05:00 AM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

Good question. The folks at Actblue are pros, though, and they send bundled checks AT LEAST once a week to candidates--usually more if the volume of donations increases. At the end of the quarter, they work extra hard to ensure that every campaign receives their bundled donations. And remember, a campaign has two weeks after the filing deadline to count everything, so even if the check comes a few days after, the contributions were still made before the deadline and still count towards that quarter, as I understand it.

Posted by: James L. [TypeKey Profile Page] at September 29, 2006 12:24 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

Well, according to the blurb I just read over at DKOS, looks like Grant may be getting yet another boost (plus there is a new poll out). What I wanted to comment on was my astonishment that a group that I've been watching alll primary season which has been spending alot of bucks... "Club For Growth", evidently never registered as a PAC with the FEC. Keep it coming gopee.

Posted by: Predictor [TypeKey Profile Page] at September 29, 2006 08:18 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment