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Monday, September 25, 2006

Netroots End-of-Quarter Fundraising Push

Posted by DavidNYC

I know it was just last month that we had a big fundraising drive, and I hate to have to start begging for contributions so soon after. But this Saturday, September 30th, is the final day of the fundraising quarter for all federal campaigns. And, most importantly, it's the last benchmark reporting period for this entire election cycle. Yes, of course campaigns will still raise money after 9/30. But this is their last chance to issue a public report and show good numbers for the quarter. It goes without saying that it's our job to help every Democratic campaign as best we can.

And in August, we did a ferociously good job of it over at the MyDD/DailyKos/SSP Netroots page. We raked in over 7,700 contributions totalling more than $167,000 in just a week. In fact, we wound up exceeding our own expectations so dramatically that we outstripped our goals multiple times. That push was one time where I didn't mind moving the goalposts!

This time, though, the goal is really, really simple. Go over to the Netroots page and scroll down a bit. Look for the blue line that reads "Total." Right now, under the "Donors" column, it reads 8,713. That's the total number of individuals who have given via this page, since its inception. The total number of contributions is much higher (24,630 to active candidates as of this writing), because many people give to multiple candidates. (The average is a little over three per donor.)

So what we want to do is hit an even 10,000 donors by midnight on Saturday. I know we can make this goal. Whether you give $10 or $1000, to one candidate or to ten, you'll get counted. And every dollar really does matter. That's not empty talk. The money donated via ActBlue is the "cheapest" cash a campaign can find. Apart from credit card processing fees (which are minimal), there are no expenses associated with raising this money - no postage to pay, no caterers to hire, no time spent on the phone by the candidate.

As always, there are tons of great Democrats out there who need our help. If you want to support the Netroots list, that's fantastic. And if you prefer to give your hard-earned cash to other Dems, terrific. If you are able to give, what matters most is that you do give, and give now. When the big boys - the party committees (like the DCCC), labor unions, 527s, interest groups - decide where to make a final push in October, they are going to look at the end-of-quarter fundraising reports. If you want your favorite candidates to rocket to the top of those short lists, it's crucial that they show good fundraising numbers.

The ten thousand donor mark is in reach. Let's make it happen!

P.S. Please tell us which campaigns you've given to in the comments below.

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Ive given to Jim Webb (VA-Sen) and Judy Feder (VA-10) but not a whole lot. I plan on donating again to them (root ROOT root for the home team) plus Tester and Kellam (VA-02).

Posted by: AlecBGreen [TypeKey Profile Page] at September 25, 2006 07:58 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

I gave to Paul Aronsohn in NJ-5. Scott Garrett is one of the wingiest of wing-nuts! I grew up there and hate to see my home town represented by someone who represents noone but there fellow church goers.

Posted by: jerzay [TypeKey Profile Page] at September 25, 2006 09:51 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment