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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Pre-Primary House Fundraising Roundup

Posted by DavidNYC

Below is a chart compiling fundraising numbers for all candidates in all competitive races who recently had to file pre-primary reports. James & I drew financial data from the FEC's electronic filings, and we identified competitive races using Superribbie's most recent roundup. All numbers are rounded to the nearest thousand.

District Democrat Dem Raised Dem CoH Republican GOP Raised GOP CoH
AZ-01 Simon $67,000 $335,000 Renzi $118,000 $765,000
AZ-05 Mitchell $155,000 $672,000 Hayworth $516,000 $1,474,000
AZ-08 Giffords $270,000 $335,000 Huffman $164,000 $173,000
AZ-08 Weiss $75,000 $92,000 Hellon $62,000 $34,000
AZ-08 Latas No Report Graf $192,000 $82,000
FL-08 Stuart $115,000 $215,000 Keller $36,000 $1,262,000
FL-08 Grayson $25,000 $53,000
FL-08 Hartage $16,000 $1,000
FL-09 Busansky $94,000 $531,000 Bilirakis $318,000 $1,190,000
FL-13 Jennings $83,000 $281,000 Buchanan $841,000 $1,439,000
FL-13 Schneider $5,000 $60,000 Hudson $150,000 $207,000
FL-13 Detert $17,000 $49,000
FL-13 Clarke $30,000 $18,000
FL-13 Flanagan $9,000 $9,000
FL-16 Mahoney $54,000 $344,000 Foley $51,000 $2,780,000
FL-22 Klein $126,000 $1,650,000 Shaw $150,000 $2,740,000
MN-01 Walz $105,000 $244,000 Gutknecht $121,000 $840,000
MN-02 Rowley $48,000 $101,000 Kline $105,000 $697,000
MN-06 Wetterling $503,000 $800,000 Bachmann $418,000 $666,000
NH-01 Craig $63,000 $130,000 Bradley $102,000 $548,000
NH-01 Shea-Porter $7,000 $17,000
NH-01 Dodds $32,000 $3,000
NH-02 Hodes $101,000 $410,000 Bass $134,000 $503,000
NY-03 Mejias $133,000 $256,000 King $149,000 $1,590,000
NY-19 Hall $193,000 $246,000 Kelly $314,000 $1,265,000
NY-19 Aydelott $58,000 $152,000
NY-19 Shuldiner $12,000 $92,000
NY-20 Gillibrand $202,000 $587,000 Sweeney $276,000 $795,000
NY-24 Arcuri $223,000 $380,000 Meier $294,000 $571,000
NY-25 Maffei $62,000 $171,000 Walsh $106,000 $617,000
NY-29 Massa $160,000 $263,000 Kuhl $107,000 $528,000
VT-AL Welch $146,000 $709,000 Rainville $121,000 $235,000
WI-08 Kagen $20,000 $318,000 Gard $436,000 $657,000
WI-08 Nusbaum $191,000 $102,000
WI-08 Wall $55,000 $77,000

Districts in italics are open seats. If I'm missing any major candidates, or you spot any mistakes, let me know. Also, the only race I left off is MD-03, which is a Dem-held open seat with a ton of candidates. (John Sarbanes, son of retiring Sen. Paul Sarbanes, is widely considered the front-runner in that district.)

UPDATE: In my initial chart, I mistakenly left off the three Arizona races. They are now included.

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I live in MD-3 (actually I have lived in the district since I was 2 yrs old) and though Sarbanes has a ton of money and name ID it is considered locally that he shares the top tier in the race with two other candidates:

1) State Senator Paula Hollinger represents the single largest chunk of votes in this very gerrymandered district, however she was also the committee chairwomen who blocked the voter verified paper trail bill in the Senate after it passed the House unanimously resulting in us still having the Diebold machines

2) Former Baltimore City Health Commissioner Peter Beilenson, who has been campaigning the most aggressively, is perceived to have the best ground game, has been endorse by the local DFA groups, has been endorsed by local establishment Democratic groups such as the Columbia Democratic Club, has been endorsed by a number of local elected officials including a bunch of Annapolis electeds and the dean of the Howard County electeds, and has the endorsement of most of the local newspapers such as the Columbia Flier/Howard County Times, Towson Times, and Owings Mills Times. Peter has raised the second most after Sarbanes and only trails in money raised by $116,000 with Sarbanes raising $960,000 to Beilenson’s $844,000. The biggest problem Peter has is he trails significantly in cash on hand, because Sarbanes horded all his money for TV ads, while Peter was spending his money building a ground game. We will see if it pays off. The only independent poll that was done on the race was by some strange Credit Union group that no one has ever heard of and is of marginal reliability. The poll showed Sarbanes in first place followed by Beilenson and then Hollinger. The poll reflected Sarbanes high name ID, but it was done when he was the only one up on TV with ads. Now both Beilenson and Hollinger are also on TV. In MD everyone other than the die hard activists generally starts paying attention after Labor Day. I have yet to meet an activist in the district that is supporting Sarbanes, though I am sure his name ID among those who don’t pay that much attention will earn him a spot among the top three when the votes are counted.

There has been some coverage of the race on my group blog:

Peter Beilenson’s campaign blog is:

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