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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Netroots August Fundraising Push Update #1

Posted by James L.

All I have to say is: wow. Earlier today, Swing State Project, MyDD, and Dailykos kicked off a week-long campaign to promote the combined Netroots Actblue page. Using 12:00AM EDT, August 21 as our benchmark, the goal was to "see each House candidate on the list get 100 new contributions over the next week, and each Senate candidate 250." I've been tracking the numbers as they've come in over the first 24 hours of the promotion, and based on this, we are well on our way to meeting and exceeding these goals.

Below is a chart detailing the movement in terms of each candidate's total number of donors over the day:

Candidate District 8/20 Donors 8/21 Donors New Donors
Ned Lamont CT-Sen 3064 3125 61
Jon Tester MT-Sen 2056 2132 76
Jim Webb VA-Sen 1270 1388 118
Eric Massa NY-29 905 957 52
Joe Sestak PA-07 876 936 60
Patrick Murphy PA-08 687 746 59
Jerry McNerney CA-11 681 739 58
Darcy Burner WA-08 679 737 58
Linda Stender NJ-07 508 564 56
Paul Hodes NH-02 465 518 53
Larry Kissell NC-08 427 477 50
John Courage TX-21 415 469 54
Dan Seals IL-10 375 421 46
Jay Fawcett CO-05 375 425 50

As you can see, almost every House challenger received at least 50 new contributions over the first 24 hours alone. You guys are kicking some serious ass. In terms of hard dollars, below is a chart detailing the overall movement of the day for each candidate. In total, the Netroots page raised nearly $25,000 today for great progressive candidates across the country.

Candidate District 8/20 Raised 8/21 Raised New Contributions
Ned Lamont CT-Sen $110,042.51 $111,909.77 $1,867.26
Jon Tester MT-Sen $59,730.84 $62,262.12 $2,531.28
Jim Webb VA-Sen $40,452.38 $45,482.57 $5,030.19
Eric Massa NY-29 $21,042.29 $22,133.55 $1,091.26
Joe Sestak PA-07 $26,574.49 $28,510.90 $1,936.41
Patrick Murphy PA-08 $13,895.16 $15,216.42 $1,321.26
Jerry McNerney CA-11 $17,873.76 $19,610.14 $1,736.38
Darcy Burner WA-08 $13,209.06 $14,925.47 $1,716.41
Linda Stender NJ-07 $8,877.30 $10,063.67 $1,186.37
Paul Hodes NH-02 $8,817.34 $9,958.75 $1,141.41
Larry Kissell NC-08 $6,855.92 $7,917.33 $1,061.41
John Courage TX-21 $6,868.53 $8,119.92 $1,251.39
Dan Seals IL-10 $6,314.74 $7,336.00 $1,021.26
Jay Fawcett CO-05 $5,856.33 $6,957.75 $1,101.42
$440,278.92 $464,879.98 $24,601.06

I will continue to track the page's progress throughout the week. I expect that we'll see some more serious action in the days ahead as we continue to promote the page, its candidates, and the soon-to-be-announced final endorsements.

Donate today.

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The most important races in 2006 are in Ohio and will be again in 2008. Excluding this entire state says a lot about the enthusiasms of net politicos vs. reality.

Posted by: Ohanon [TypeKey Profile Page] at August 22, 2006 09:41 AM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

ohanon - no one says ohio isnt competitive. if anything, its the most competitive, so pumping 100k or 50k isnt going to do any good. sherrod brown, kilroy, cranley and space all have DCCC or DSCC backing and will have tons of money down teh stretchrun as they are targeted tier 1 races. Space is the only one who also hasnt raised a lot of money on his/her own.

Posted by: yomoma2424 [TypeKey Profile Page] at August 22, 2006 10:42 AM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

Ohanon's take is off-base. As Yo indicates, there are many competitive races in Ohio, but they are all top-tier: OH-Sen, OH-01, OH-15, OH-18. That's terrifically exciting, and I think anyone who follows elections is aware of all of those opportunities.

But those races are all seven-figure affairs. The netroots page specifically targets second-tier races and lower-dollar races. So none of those four races are going to wind up on the netroots page because of that fact.

Posted by: DavidNYC [TypeKey Profile Page] at August 22, 2006 01:53 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

What about CD 13 in New York City? It is slowly getting more Democratic and Kerry only lost it 55-45 in 2004. Steve Harrison is a good guy and needs help too. Go to: http://www.harrison06.com. He has no DCCC backing at this point and needs every nickel he can get.

I'm not affiliated with the campaign just want to see him beat a Republican rubber stamp (the current rep votes with Bush 89% of the time).

Posted by: Michael Tulipan [TypeKey Profile Page] at August 22, 2006 05:08 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment