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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Netroots August Fundraising Push: Support Jerry McNerney

Posted by James L.

As the August combined Netroots fundraising push kicks into gear, it's time that we look back upon each of the Netroots-endorsed challengers and remind ourselves why their fight is worthy of our resources and attention this fall. Let's start with CA-11 challenger, Jerry McNerney.

McNerney is in the unique position of being endorsed by BOTH of his opponent's Republican primary challengers (including former Rep. Pete McCloskey, author of the Endangered Species Act), and being on the receiving end of major assistance from local and national environmental groups who are scrambling to defeat the incumbent, Richard Pombo. Pombo was made infamous for using taxpayer's money to go on a family vacation to various national parks--and then turning around and proposing the sale of these national parks to the same developers who supported his campaigns.

McNerney, on the other hand, is a true progressive champion, and as a former CEO of a wind power company, he would be an invaluable voice in the next Congress for renewable and alternative energy policies. If McNerney could catch the eye of the DCCC with the help of a strong netroots and grassroots push, Pombo would be facing a perfect storm against him this November.

Please support Jerry McNerney and the Netroots candidates today.

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Thanks for writing about Jerry and CA-11.

It's funny seeing that photo.

I remember sitting with Matt Lockshin of SayNotoPombo looking at Jerry's initial campaign materials in a bar in Oakland last fall and trying to suss out...well...whether Jerry had a chance of even winning the primary.

He's come a long way.

That strength in that photo says a lot about the hard work that grassroots Democrats from in and outside of CA-11 put in in support of Jerry (Who was not the DCCC's candidate.) And it speaks to Jerry's commitment to be the guy who will beat Richard Pombo. He just doesn't quit.

This is tough, tough race. But it's the one that Matt was hoping for one year ago. Hat tip to the crew at SayNotoPombo: Matt, Delta, VPO, Kevin and especially, Babaloo...and to all the other folks who pitched in early and often like PomboWatch and Down with Tyranny.

If you don't live nearby, I'd echo James and urge you to consider giving some $$$.

If you do live nearby, I'd urge you to consider giving up a weekend day sometime before election day to volunteer for Jerry. (Lefton580.org will hook you up.) This race will be won or lost in places like Stockton, Manteca and Tracy.

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