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Monday, August 28, 2006

Netroots August Fundraising Push Update #6 (The Weekender)

Posted by James L.

Boy, do I ever feel as giddy as a schoolboy today. If you want to know why, just read mcjoan's diary over on DailyKos highlighting the next Netroots candidate, Larry Grant of Idaho! Idaho! How crazy is that?! You may remember a post I wrote way back in May entitled ID-01: Wingnut of the Year where I made the case that the Republican nominee for this open seat, Club for Growth nutcase Bill Sali, is, perhaps, a bit TOO out there for the good people of bright red--no, no, make that crimson red Idaho. Seriously, how often do you see quotes like this--from top state Republican leaders?

The Speaker, Bruce Newcomb, told The Idaho Statesman, “That idiot is just an absolute idiot. He doesn’t have one ounce of empathy in his whole fricking body. And you can put that in the paper.”

So, needless to say, I'm pretty psyched that this race has entered our radar screens. I'll stop now, because I'm sure I'll write up another pro-Grant post later in the day. But in the meantime, please give Larry Grant a very warm welcome to the netroots Actblue page. Can we get 50 donors for Larry today? That would be phenomenal.

Before I forget, as promised, here's the weekend roundup chart detailing all the movement on the netroots candidates Actblue page. Thanks to your generous contributions, we amassed 460 donations and $10,000 over the past two days for strong progressives nationwide. You're making a real impact, so I would encourage anyone who has been sitting on their hands to open up your wallets if you can afford to. Whatever you can give, $5, $10, $50, or more, will really be appreciated by the campaigns involved (especially in a low-dollar district like Idaho, hint, hint).

Candidate District Starting Donations 8/27 Donors New Donations in Last 48hrs. New Donations Since Launch
Ned Lamont CT-Sen 3064 3,346 29 282
Jon Tester MT-Sen 2056 2,388 32 332
Jim Webb VA-Sen 1270 1,714 44 444
Eric Massa NY-29 905 1,136 18 231
Joe Sestak PA-07 876 1,130 30 254
Patrick Murphy PA-08 687 909 28 222
Jerry McNerney CA-11 681 940 39 259
Darcy Burner WA-08 679 948 31 269
Linda Stender NJ-07 508 718 27 210
Paul Hodes NH-02 465 701 23 236
Larry Kissell NC-08 427 666 38 239
John Courage TX-21 415 631 23 216
Dan Seals IL-10 375 579 23 204
Jay Fawcett CO-05 375 603 26 228
Tim Walz MN-01 0 134 49 134
Total 12,783 16,543 460 3,760

Thanks again to SSP reader KCinDC for helping out with last night's data grab. You rock!

Candidate District Raised at Start 8/27 Raised Raised in Last 48hrs. Raised Since Launch
Ned Lamont CT-Sen $110,042.51 $116,843.51 $569.78 $6,801.00
Jon Tester MT-Sen $59,730.84 $68,158.44 $720.02 $8,427.60
Jim Webb VA-Sen $40,452.38 $54,536.45 $1,173.87 $14,084.07
Eric Massa NY-29 $21,042.29 $26,097.83 $190.02 $5,055.54
Joe Sestak PA-07 $26,574.49 $34,277.88 $995.03 $7,703.39
Patrick Murphy PA-08 $13,895.16 $18,487.10 $540.04 $4,591.94
Jerry McNerney CA-11 $17,873.76 $24,397.11 $851.04 $6,523.35
Darcy Burner WA-08 $13,209.06 $20,254.55 $630.02 $7,045.49
Linda Stender NJ-07 $8,877.30 $12,744.55 $505.02 $3,867.25
Paul Hodes NH-02 $8,817.34 $13,756.84 $525.03 $4,939.50
Larry Kissell NC-08 $6,855.92 $11,486.78 $1,065.05 $4,630.86
John Courage TX-21 $6,868.53 $11,023.86 $365.04 $4,155.33
Dan Seals IL-10 $6,314.74 $10,327.73 $372.03 $4,012.99
Jay Fawcett CO-05 $5,856.33 $10,403.77 $450.04 $4,547.44
Tim Walz MN-01 $0.00 $4,061.34 $1,225.09 $4,061.34
Total $346,410.65 $436,857.74 $10,177.12 $90,447.09

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I stumbled upon this great election site that I think you should link to on your site. It has tons of information on hot races and is definitely non-partisan. Here is the link: http://electionpredictions.blogspot.com

Posted by: Esperanzaportodos [TypeKey Profile Page] at August 28, 2006 04:14 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

As I have been following the evil rightwing "Club For Growth's funding & candidate support system, and I had targeted the Sali/Grant race as one to be watched. Sali's unabashed rightwing bent and and reputation within the Idaho Gop for being a commensurate prick, throw-in an abysmal 26% Primary showing, makes this an easy choice for fundraising support. Although it stretches my criteria for a winnable District, keeping a critter like State Rep. Sali out of the House seems worth the stretch. It is all together possible the anti-incumbent/gop mood does extend into this otherwise red District.
For an article on how many in the Idaho Gop are bailing on Sali:

Grant seems to be a quality candidate with positions compatible enought to be elected in this conservative District, and be able to represent it well to the left of what nutjob Sali would be capable of doing.
Should the wave be "Macro", this'll be one to go our way.

Posted by: Predictor [TypeKey Profile Page] at August 28, 2006 04:54 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

Esperanza, it looks like that site is just copying tons of info wholesale from www.electionprojection.com, which has a conservative bent. That's just damnably unethical. The Blogging Caesar may be a conservative, but I respect the work he's done in aggregating polls and state info.

Posted by: X Stryker [TypeKey Profile Page] at August 28, 2006 10:38 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

Actually, his state pages were up before those at Election Projection. I know, because I used to go to Election projection all the time but then I stopped because Election Predictions was up faster and was less biased.

Posted by: Esperanzaportodos [TypeKey Profile Page] at August 28, 2006 11:22 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment