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Saturday, October 14, 2006

3Q Fundraising Reports Open Thread

Posted by James L.

Picking up where we left off, this weekend is the deadline for campaigns to file their finance reports for the third quarter of 2006, ending on September 30.

I've rounded up a few noteworthy tallies, but feel free to post any other numbers you see floating around.

Eric Massa (D, NY-29): $296k raised from 8/24 through 9/30, $162k raised from 7/01 through 8/23; $334k cash-on-hand ($900k total raised)

Mike Weaver (D, KY-02): $222k raised, $270k CoH ($390k total raised)

Larry Grant (D, ID-01): $184k raised, $73k CoH ($345k total raised)

Tessa Hafen (D, NV-03): $307k raised from 7/27 through 9/30, $46k raised from 7/01 through 7/26; $456k CoH ($1.11m total raised)

Angie Paccione (D, CO-04): $567k raised; $309k CoH ($1.33m total raised)

Mary Jo Kilroy (D, OH-15): $1.008m raised; $793k CoH ($2.055 total raised)
Deborah Pryce (R, OH-15): $1.4m raised; $2m CoH

OH-Sen: Sherrod Brown (D): $2.9m raised ($1.2m CoH); Mike DeWine (R): $2.7m raised ($4.5m CoH)

Very good fundraising by Massa, who has pulled in over $450k in the third quarter. Similarly, good fundraising numbers by the likes of Angie Paccione and Tessa Hafen lead to a solid impression of the Democrats' 2nd tier challengers this year. At the same time, though, Mike Weaver has the support of the DCCC's Red to Blue program, but you wouldn't know it by his fundraising.

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Hafen is running a great hard-hitting campaign. She's also been able to bring in the Democratic Presidential nominees for fundraising (after all, NV is caucus #2 in 2008)

Posted by: mbcarl [TypeKey Profile Page] at October 15, 2006 05:22 AM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment


This blog mentions both Sherrod Brown (D, OH-Senate) and Angie Paccione (D, CO-04). Two incredibly committed progressive candidates that I learned about from the 21st Century Democrats, http://www.21stdems.org. The 21st Dems are a group dedicated to electing visionary leaders like Sherrod Brown and Angie Paccione into office, who will fight for the long term success of the Democratic Party. The 21st Dems do both financial and logistical support, and they do a mighty fine job at it to!

It is just so cool to see their candidates doing so well that other websites like this one are taking notice of them. Go Democrats!

Posted by: Whirled Peas [TypeKey Profile Page] at October 16, 2006 02:55 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment