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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

TX-28: League of Conservation Voters Endorses Rodriguez

Posted by DavidNYC

Good news (via an e-mail):

The League of Conservation Voters (LCV), the independent political voice for the environment, today announced its endorsement of Ciro Rodriguez in the March 7th Democratic primary in Texas’ 28th Congressional District, citing his impressive environmental credentials during his previous service in the House of Representatives.

“LCV is proud to endorse Ciro Rodriguez in the Democratic primary,” said LCV Western Campaign Director Andy Schultheiss. “Mr. Rodriguez’s environmental record is head and shoulders above Representative Henry Cuellar’s record.”


Mr. Cuellar, on the other hand, voted against the environment on a number of occasions last year, including voting with Tom DeLay to let MTBE polluters off the hook for drinking water contamination and opposition to real, clean energy solutions, such as fuel efficiency for automobiles.

Why am I not surprised that, in addition to everything else, Cuellar has a horrible environmental record?

If Ciro is to win this primary, he'll need the help of the big boys. The blogosphere can only do so much - but we did what we are best designed to do. We helped generate widespread attention to this race and provided some "angel" money. In other words, we got the ball rolling. (Chemists would say that we provided the "activation energy.") Now it's up to the established players to bring in the big guns and help seal the deal.

That doesn't mean we here in blog-land are finished working - to the contrary. We need to keep focusing on this race so that we can convince other major organizations to get involved. Also, today is an FEC filing deadline for the campaign, so please consider contributing so that Ciro can file a bang-up report.

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