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Thursday, June 30, 2005

MT-Sen: Support Jon Tester

Posted by Bob Brigham

The Top 10 reasons why it is critical to contribute to Jon Tester:

  1. Senator Conrad Burns (R-MT) has a re-elect number of only 36 % -- conventional wisdom says an incumbent Senator with a re-elect number under 40 is pretty much screwed.

  2. Senator Conrad Burns is bolo-tie deep in the Jack Abramoff corruption scandal, in fact, he's a key figure in multiple federal investigations along with Shawn Vasell, Burns former State Director, who just pleaded the 5th and is also under investigation in Montana for a major hunting scandal.

  3. While the netroots are loving on Tester, Montanans are not donating to Conrad Burns.

  4. The Montana press are not buying Burns' spin and are taking extreme steps to call him on his bullshit.

  5. Burns wants to test pesticides on kids, as Kos and DavidNYC reported yesterday.

  6. Montana State Senate President Jon Tester has lots of momentum following a very successful legislative session.

  7. Tester is running the type of populist campaign that elected Brian Schweitzer Governor and allowed Tester's leadership to deliver a sweep of both legislative chambers in 2004.

  8. Wellstone had the bus, but Tester has an 18 wheeler.

  9. Jon Tester is on track to beat Conrad Burns.

  10. We need to keep the Montana Miracle moving. Jon Tester is the who can both pick up a Senate seat and make us proud when he gets to DC. We need Jon Tester!
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