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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Fundraising Deadline

Posted by Tim Tagaris

As many of you know, and Bob indicated below, today is an important fundraising deadline for a number of candidates, and I couldn't ask Swing State Project readers to make a contribution without making one of my own. While I have worked on, and helped, a few campaigns in the past two years, today I made my first (modest) campaign contribution(s) ever.

I gave to Jon Tester, Christine Cegelis, and Chuck Pennacchio. And as a reminder, Jon Tester is the first endorsed candidate of Swing State Project. For what it's worth, these are three candidates I believe in.

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Good tip. I've given to Christine and also Jamie Wall (WI-8).

Jamie's a farm boy, a Rhodes Scholar, and one of the best chances in the country for the Dems to pick up a Republican held seat. He's raising through ActBlue.


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