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Saturday, April 16, 2005

MT-Sen: Montanans Not Donating to Burns

Posted by Bob Brigham

Senator Conrad Burns vulnerability has been once again demonstrated by his latested campaign finance disclosure. Of interest, 40% of Burns cash is coming from PAC's, not people. Of the contributions from people, 40% are out-of-staters. No wonder Burns' re-elect number has dropped to below 40%.

Support for Burns is so thin that the embattled Senator is actually worried about being being outraised by a challenger:

Burns said he may not be able to out-raise the Democrats ''but I intend to definitely outwork them.''

In response, Brad Martin, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party, said, ''That's the press release of a senator in trouble''

''Our poll shows him down 15 points because of bad votes on Social Security, the farm budget, veterans health care and a host of other issues important to Montanans,'' Martin said.

Burns is so likely to lose that there might even be a crowded Democratic Primary:

Democrats who are considering running against Burns are former state House Speaker Daniel Kemmis of Missoula, R-CALF President Leo McDonnell of Columbus, state Auditor John Morrison of Helena, former state Rep. Paul Richards of Boulder and state Senate President Jon Tester of Big Sandy.

If there is a primary, it will double limits on contributions to Democrats. Kos says Tester will be getting in soon and notes,

Should be a fun primary, and the winner will have a great deal of momentum against dead-in-the-water Burns.

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