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Monday, April 18, 2005

TX-22: Tom DeLay Billboard - Vote

Posted by Bob Brigham

Democracy for America's billboard campaign is one step closer to being seen by drivers in Congressman Tom DeLay's 22nd District.

DFA's innovative Open Source message creation has not gone unnoticed by Swing State Project, with posts here, here, and here.

I just received an email from Tom Hughes. Out of 20,000 submissions, DFA has narrowed it down to 30 finalists. When you read the answers you'll see ideas that probably wouldn't have come up from a few consultants deciding the attack, so go choose your favorite. Full email and list of slogans in the extended entry.

Full Email:

You and over 20,000 others submitted slogans for the billboards we plan to put up in Tom DeLay's backyard -- a groundswell that even DeLay himself can't miss.

Suggestions came through all channels: email, on the phone, on the web, and by fax. They varied widely, but the message was always loud and clear: when it comes to this man who calls himself "the Hammer," we're ready to hammer back.

With the help of a team of Texans, we've worked down to the top thirty responses -- is your slogan among them? Find out now, and vote for your favorite:


Even DeLay can't deny the stench of corruption surrounding his leadership. In an interview this week, a reporter asked him if he had "ever crossed the line of ethical behavior in terms of dealing with lobbyists, [his] use of government authority or with fundraising." His response? "Ever is a very strong word."

He has made Congress a playground for corporate lobbyists and he has made Texas a case study in abuse of power for personal gain. He has run roughshod over ethics rules and Texas laws and he's threatened judges, prosecutors and even Republican colleagues who get in his way. DeLay is the definition of out of touch, out of control leadership.

Even in the face of all this, Tom DeLay's Republican Party is determined to protect him. Outside groups and DeLay's defenders in Congress have stepped up their campaign to smear anyone who challenges him.

Something tells me that you won't be intimidated -- vote now to decide what you want to say:


Democracy for America is about clean government that works for all Americans. Tom DeLay and the Republican Party he has built are about the opposite -- a government bought and paid for by corporate interests and right-wing billionaires.

DeLay and his defenders say that you're the one who's out of the mainstream. He insists that he represents the values of his constituents and the majority of Americans.

But judging by the responses we received from all over Texas -- and all over the country -- that's just not the case. So let's put our message up for all to see, and let the people decide.

Thank you.

Tom Hughes
Executive Director
Democracy for America

P.S. -- Don't forget to vote for the best billboard:


Here are the the best slogans:

  • Nail the Hammer

  • How am I doing? (Photo of DeLay) Call (DeLay’s DC office number)

  • (Photo of Texan) Tom DeLay does not represent me.

  • Rep. DeLay, Your ethics don’t match our values. --From the growing majority in the 22nd district

  • Don’t mess with Ethics!

  • “Education is not my job.“ -- Tom DeLay

  • Delay listens to powerful insiders... but does he ever really hear YOU?

  • Tom Delay: Unchecked and Unbalanced

  • Tom DeLay Is Messing With Texas

  • Tom Delay: Hammering the Constitution one civil right at a time

  • Tom Delay: Exterminating Democracy right here in America

  • (Picture of Delay) Congressman for sale (or at least his vote is)!

  • Corporations spent millions to send Tom DeLay golfing, and all you got was this billboard.

  • Would you buy a used car from this man?

  • Looking for moral decay...look no farther than Tom DeLay!

  • Tom DeLay: Putting your taxpayer dollars to work, 18 holes at a time.

  • We apologize for the DeLay, public service will resume shortly.

  • Tom DeLay: My Values Should Be Your Values

  • Tom DeLay: The best representative money can buy.

  • Tom DeLay: All His Ethics Aren’t in Texas

  • Why vote for Tom DeLay, when you can buy him?

  • DeLay, no longer.

  • Tom Delay: Bad for Texas, Bad for America.

  • America for Sale! Call Tom DeLay for details.

  • Ethics are a moral value. Tell Tom.

  • While he is looking out for big corporations, who is looking out for you?

  • Tom Delay: Unethical, UnTexan!

  • Tom DeLay: Never before have the taxpayers done so much to improve the golf game of a public official.

  • When a man fails to understand separation of powers, it is time to separate him from power.

  • When Ethics Get Hammered, The Voter Gets Nailed.

Together, we've come up with 30 lines. Do with this list what you will...

I love Open-Source politics.

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Eh. Brigham's were funnier. These are all kinda, well, eh. I guess Nail the Hammer is decent and can fit on a bumper sticker.

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