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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Jerry Gets No Love From Plusquellic

Posted by Tim Tagaris

We still aren't any closer to figuring out who is going to run for what and against whom in Ohio, but we learned one thing today; if Jerry Springer is the Democratic nominee for governor, Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic is taking his ball and going home.

Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic said on Monday that he would not support Jerry Springer if the TV show host becomes the Democratic nominee for governor.

Springer and Plusquellic are among a handful of Ohio Democrats who are considering a run for governor in 2006. Plusquellic has spoken well of other possible Democratic gubernatorial candidates, but he had little good to say about Springer.

"It doesn't make sense for our party," Plusquellic said. "It will be a detriment to our party."

The run-down of potential candidates and where we are at with each of them is in the extended entry.

(Hat tip to the Seven Cent Nickel for forwarding me the above article)

Two seats up:

Republican Mayor Bob Taft - Term-Limited
Republican Senator Mike DeWine - Running for re-election

The Democrats:

Congressman Ted Strickland:

Will not run for Governor, but intends to run for "federal" office in 2006. Does that mean US Senate or simple seat retention in the House?

Strickland endorsed Sherrod Brown for governor in 2006.

Congressman Sherrod Brown:

Has said that he will wait six months to make his decision on whether or not to run for governor. Brown had the following to say about Jerry Springer in the same article referenced above the fold:

"I don't think Jerry is the nominee we want," Brown said in an interview. "Jerry is very smart, he's right on the issues, he's as good a speaker as there is out there, but his TV show is just too much baggage."

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman:

Probably the least visible of the all the potential candidates for governor. We know from yesterday that there is a website out there tagged for his run.

We also know that him and Plusquellic have talked and decided that they would not run against eachother in a primary.

Ohio Dem. of the Year Jerry Springer:

Maybe he can run for Senate with the crowded field for governor? Plusquellic won't support him, Brown thinks he has too much baggage because of the television show, and still no one has brought up a certain check he wishes he could have back.

I like Jerry. I have heard him speak and dammit if he isn't passionate and spot on with the issues. It will take a special/different kind of campaign to beat DeWine; why not Jerry?

Besides, he can self-finance and his original intent was to run against Voinovich for Senate in 2004. I also love the fact that Jesse Taylor from Pandagon is on his payroll right now.

I know the Senate seat will be more difficult, but I would love to see him give it a go.

Akron Mayor Done Plusquellic:

Is thinking about running for Governor -- will not run against Coleman in a primary -- and has no love for Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Quite frankly, I believe he is the least appealing of all the candidates mentioned on this list.

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A good look at the upcoming scrum (and the GOP scrum will be as messy) but we also have races for Auditor and Secretary of State who hold seats on the state's Apportionment Board. Then there are other races which I went into in more detail on my own site.

The point is that we need to somehow convince at least a couple of these good people to look a little lower than Governor for the good of the party.

We'll see.

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