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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Google Me This...

Posted by Tim Tagaris

When you need to find information about an individual or organization, what do you do?

The same campaigns that take pride in a perfectly placed yard sign would be wise to take note of what people see when they get "Googled."

Just ask Tim Roemer and Martin Frost...

Google results for Martin Frost

Excerpts from the first page (10 entries) -- ie. what people see without clicking on a single link offered.

#3) From Kos: "Piling on Martin Frost" ... "As such, Martin Frost is grossly unqualified for the position."

#4) From Kos: "Frost's strong support for President Bush"

#5) The Hamster: "The DNC chairmanship is a partisan position. As such, Martin Frost is grossly unqualified for the position."

#7) Annatopia: "martin frost must be stopped."

#9 & #10) Both have nothing to do with former Congressman Martin Frost or his race for DNC Chair.

This doesn't even include the fact that you see advertisements for Donnie Fowler and Simon Rosenberg on the right-hand-side of the Google results page.

It only gets worse for Tim Roemer: Google results for Tim Roemer

#2) MyDD: "Tim Roemer Should Not Become DNC Chair. by Chris Bowers"

#3) MyDD: "Tim Roemer, Republican Noise Machine Member. by Chris Bowers Dave Johnson uncovers something extremely disturbing about Tim Roemer:"

#5) CNN: "Anti-abortion Roemer joins race for Dems top job"

#7) DailyKos: "Roemer on board of right wing think tank" ... "Tim Roemer, who is Reid and Pelosi's latest choice for DNC chair, looks worse and worse by the day."

#8) DailyKos (diary): "DNC Chair Tim Roemer? The netroots reaction" ... "DNC Chair Tim Roemer? ... Can the Democratic Party afford to elect Tim Roemer as DNC Chair? Really, can we afford it?"

#9) Change for America: "Tim Roemer for DNC Chair - netroots response" ... "Can the Democratic Party afford to elect Tim Roemer as DNC Chair?"

#10) Seeing the Forest: "More on Roemer/Mercatus TAPPED has more info about the Mercatus Center, a right-wing-financed "think tank" where DNC candidate Tim Roemer currently works."

And yes -- there is a blog ad for Donnie, Simon AND someone who placed a Google ad with the question, "Are You Happy Bush Won? Respond Now And You Can Get A Free Laptop!"

Gotta love targeted advertising.

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The power of the internet is real - it's best Democrats learn to harness it like Dean did and bring real results to the table. I plan to comment about this on my blog Thursday.

The New Democrat

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