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Friday, June 02, 2006

CA-50: Get-Out-The-Vote for Busby

Posted by DavidNYC

UPDATE (2): MoveOn is indeed doing virtual phone-banking once again, just like it did with the April special primary. Go here to sign up. If you weren't able to get involved with the DCCC's phone-banking program, this is a great alternative. The minimum commitment should take you less than an hour, but of course, you can always do more.

UPDATE: Thanks to the fantastic response from readers of this site, the DCCC now is booked solid with volunteers. If I get any information from the Busby campaign about virtual phone banking, I will be sure to post it. In the meantime, please sign up on Busby's volunteer page - remember, if she wins on Tuesday, she still needs to win again in November and will need our help once more.

This, as they say, is it, folks. If you live anywhere remotely near CA-50, please, please, I implore you: Spend a few hours between now and election day helping out Francine Busby. (Note to DC-area folks: You can help out, too! The DCCC is doing phone-banking. Scroll to the bottom of this post.) In a race this close, the importance of the ground game cannot be overestimated. Here's where you can help:

GOTV June 3rd-6th

Saturday June 3rd, Sunday June 4th & Monday June 5th

Door Hangers 10am-8pm
(Shifts beginning at 10am, 1pm & 4pm)

Election Day June 6th

Precinct Poll Checks
6:00am-9am Door Hangers
9:30am-8pm Precinct Poll Walks
(Shifts beginning at 9:30am, 12pm & 4pm)

Canvass Locations:

Coastal Canvass
Headline Graphics Parking Lot
131 Aberdeen Drive
Cardiff By The Sea, Ca 92007
(760) 436-0133

Southern Canvass
Carpenter's Hall
8595 Miralani Drive, Suite A
San Diego, Ca 92123

Northern Canvass
CWA Escondido Union Hall
1525 Simpson Way
Escondido, Ca 92029

Phone Bank Locations:

Coastal Phone Bank:
Busby Cardiff Office
2121 Newcastle Avenue
Cardiff By The Sea, Ca 92007
(760) 479-0114

Northern Phone Banks:
CWA Escondido Union Hall
1525 Simpson Way
Escondido, Ca 92029

Nava Residence
858 Calle Montera
Escondido, Ca 9202

RSVP to volunteer@busbyforcongress.org
Or call (760) 479-0114


The DCCC is looking for DC-area based volunteers to make calls to San Diego Democrats on Monday evening and all day Tuesday.

To sign up for Monday and/or Tuesday, contact our Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Lewis, at lewis@dccc.org, or call (202) 741-1881.

Let's do this thing!

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Donate to her campaign at http://actblue.com/page/netrootscandidates

Posted by: SamKessler [TypeKey Profile Page] at June 2, 2006 05:25 AM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

Good'ay, the Field Poll is out, too bad they did not include CD-50.
The bad news is that it looks like turnout is going to be low based on the high percentage of undecideds "the most ever measured so close to a primary election day." (Mark Di Camillo-Director Field Poll) A whopping 26% are undecided in the Dem Gov Primary. Additionally, the Democratic bastions of Alameda County (Oakland/Berkeley), San Mateo County (Speier/Westly homebases) and San Francisco City/County are reporting the following for Absentee Vote:
Alameda sent out: 284,000 returned: 69,000
San Mateo: sent out 130,000 returned 35,000
San Fran sent out: 136,647 returned 31,381

One critical factor in Busby pulling this off is the turnout for the Dem Primary. She will still receive a bounce from this factor, but I am concerned that it will be a little lower than originally anticipated, therefore her GOTV operation is critical.

The Poll is located here: http://field.com/fieldpollonline/subscribers/RLS2198.pdf

Westly 35%
Angelides 34%
Undecided 26%

Schwarzenegger 44%
Westly 42%
Other 3%
Undecided 11%

Schwarzenegger 46%
Angelides 39%
Other 4%
Undecided 11%

Poll MOE = 4.5%

Unlike the recent PPIC poll, Angelides does not do well against Arnie. Given Westly & Angelides close proximity on the positions, many Dem primary voters may make their decision on who is more likely to take out the "Gropenator". Hopefully the party regulars will see that this is Westly.

Needless to say I've decided to stay put in NorCal and work on the Westly GOTV campaign.
Now, on to send Busby some $$.

Posted by: Predictor [TypeKey Profile Page] at June 2, 2006 11:51 AM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

After the nomination though i expect a bounce for the CA-Gov nominee after the primary they will get solid support from D's at least that is the hope. On CA-50 we have to hope the turnout there is higher than statewide turn out on a % basis.

Posted by: D in FL. [TypeKey Profile Page] at June 2, 2006 02:56 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

Just got back from Westly HQ, seemed relatively calm.
Even though the campaign turned nasty, so far no ads as bad as the Kaine/Kilgore contest last year. I don't see anything but a united front against Arnie, one of the reasons being is the few philosophical differences between Angelides & Westly, unlike the divisive 2002 Gop primary between Riordan, Simon & Jones.
Arnie has run no campaign ads to date and is still polling well under 50%.
There are two Statewide Ballot measures regarding Pre-School & Libraries funding,and local & Legislative races, which may also help with the turnout, such as City of San Diego Council and County of San Diego Board races.

Posted by: Predictor [TypeKey Profile Page] at June 2, 2006 03:31 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

Thank ya kindly, DavidNYC, but on behalf of the DCCC I'm glad to say that we're all full up on phonebanking now, thanks in no small part to ye old blogs. So no need to call poor Kevin Lewis who is still digging himself out of hundreds of emails, and thanks again!

Posted by: jesselee [TypeKey Profile Page] at June 2, 2006 04:06 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

I'm guessing we can be illegal aliens and have no papers to volunteer and vote. Busby just bit the dust. New polls already showed her behind.

Posted by: LibraryLady [TypeKey Profile Page] at June 3, 2006 03:57 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

Library Lady, go back to PoliPundit with all of the other right wing extremists.

Posted by: Sean [TypeKey Profile Page] at October 13, 2006 03:21 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment