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Friday, February 24, 2006

TX-28: Ciro Has More Cash-on-Hand Than Cuellar

Posted by DavidNYC

From pre-primary FEC reports released today, which cover the period of Jan. 1 through Feb. 15:

Rodriguez Cash-on-Hand: $257K
Cuellar Cash-on-Hand: $208K

Rodriguez Total Raised: $272K
Cuellar Total Raised: $319K

The picture is actually even better for Rodriguez. Since the end of this reporting period, the campaign has raised another $170K - and that was as of two days ago. I'm sure that the newest total is higher still. Ciro has the money to compete, and the money to win.

But oh wait, what was the Cuellar campaign saying just a couple of weeks ago?

Strother, Cuellar’s campaign spokesman, does not expect Rodriguez to bring in the funds he would need to legitimately compete in the waning days of the race....

Oops - wrong! Now Cuellar's changed his tune, though. Instead of saying that Ciro won't have enough money, he's attacking the people giving him money. Ah, that would be us:

“Ciro and his special interest friends have arrived at the 11th hour and we think there will be a strong voter backlash to their vitriol,” said Colin Strother, the general consultant to Cuellar’s campaign.

You know you've really riled someone but good when they start calling you "special interests." Of course, we here in the blogosphere are the farthest thing from a special interest group - we're just ordinary citizens trying to make a difference. Go ahead and attack us. It just makes us want to support Ciro more.

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(FEC reports: Rodriguez | Cuellar.)

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Damn I'm proud of the the part the Netroots/blogs have played in that! I was the first blogger to call the campaign and Kos did his own thing the same day. Like Markos doesn't have 1000 times the weight! But at least The Big Dog was there at the beginning.

Our Teleconference did hurt either...might not have helped...didn't hurt! You'll see more of those this season.

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