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Monday, November 28, 2005

AZ-05: Bush Family Demands Show of Loyalty from Hayworth

Posted by DavidNYC

You could call it a run-of-the-mill flip-flop. Or, if you take my view, Don Georgeleone is simply demanding that the undertaker, Bonahayworth, demonstrate his loyalty to the family.

Rep. J.D. Hayworth, Republican incumbent representing AZ-05, just a few weeks ago:

IMUS: Would you just answer my question, would you like [President Bush] to come to Arizona and cut campaign commercials and run them on those TV stations everywhere?

REP. HAYWORTH: In a word, no. At this time.

J.D. Hayworth now:

Despite his earlier statements that the president's slipping popularity make him such a political liability that he didn't want him campaigning for him, Representative J.D. Hayworth will be at President Bush's side when he visits Arizona tomorrow.

Oh, but listen to him scramble!

"If a year is a lifetime in politics, then two weeks has to be (worth) at least a decade," Hayworth said last week on Valley radio station KFYI (520 AM).

Tell us, J.D., what exactly changed in those two weeks? You're still an extreme wingnut. You're district is still only modestly Republican - it went for Bush by only a 54-45 margin. So tell me, how does spending time with President Albatross help you in your re-election campaign against Larry King? (No, not that Larry King. Click the link.)

The answer, of course, to that last question is, not at all. Hayworth is being bear-hugged into submission here. The King campaign better make sure it gets plenty of video of Hayworth with his Don, because it'll make for some great ad footage.

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Ha! To put it bluntly, clearly Bush wanted to remind Hayworth that he's still his bitch, like all Republicans in Congress are.

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