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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

TX-08: Rep. Kevin Brady (R) Arrested for DWI

Posted by DavidNYC

Oh, this is just too good:

A Texas congressman and distinguished USD alum faces DWI charges. U.S. Representative Kevin Brady was born in Vermillion and received a degree from the University of South Dakota in 1990.

Brady was back at USD as one of six former students receiving an Alumni Achievement Award. His homecoming visit ended in jail Friday night.

Highway patrol manpower was beefed up for homecoming, but Brady wasn't stopped at a checkpoint. He was arrested just before midnight during a regular traffic stop just 100 feet from his hotel.

"The type of violation that we stop for literally hundreds of times each year," says highway patrol Capt. Jeff Talbot. (Emphasis added.)

Hundreds of times a year, ay? Well, at least once every year or two a Republican Congressmen get nailed on the streets of South Dakota. Why, surely you didn't forget this guy, did you? Brady, fortunately, didn't kill anyone, like Bill Janklow did. And while I wish I could say that the two might be so lucky as to share a cell, Jankie has long since flown the coop. But perhaps they'll have the same parole officer.

Since you were wondering, TX-08 is bitterly conservative - Brady won by 40% his last time out. But don't be disappointed. Even if his district is out of reach, I'm sure he's one of those sinecured back-benchers who previously spent all his time raising money for his colleagues. Now, at least he'll be out of that racket, because who would want some schmuck with a DWI arrest shilling for them? Oh wait, this is the GOP we're talking about - so probably the lot of them.

(Via Josh Marshall.)

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