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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

VA-Gov: Kilgore Embrassed on Live TV

Posted by Tim Tagaris

Tim Kaine has Jerry Kilgore on the run a mere month and a half before election day. At last night's debate, the crowd shared several laughs at the expense of the Republican nominee for governor in Virginia:

"But, Mr. Kilgore, it's a simple question," debate moderator Tim Russert said, demanding a yes or no answer to whether he would outlaw abortion except for cases of rape, incest or the mother's life.

Kilgore replied that the question was "a hypothetical. You don't know what any Supreme Court in the future is going to do."

"If the Virginia legislature passed a tax increase, would you veto it or sign it?" Russert persisted.

"I would veto it," Kilgore answered.

"That's a hypothetical question," the NBC "Meet The Press" host interjected, cutting Kilgore off as a crowd of about 500 business leaders and politicians - most of them sympathetic to Kaine - broke into laughter at Kilgore's expense.

Temporarily overlooking Kilgore's gaffe, refusing to answer that question on choice is ridiculous. Where are we at in the current climate of political campaigns where candidates feel comfortable refusing to answer questions fundamental to the office they seek? Even the king of all answer evaders, Bob Casey Jr, answered the same question (unsatisfactorily--he would sign a law outlawing abortion) when running for governor of Pennsylvania in his blowout loss 3 years ago. Ted Strickland is answering the question (satisfactorily) in his current gubernatorial campaign in Ohio.

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Hopefully this will give Kaine a solid bounce. He's down 7% in the latest poll.

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Please see also http://www.thenewpolitics.com/2005/09/kaine_rising.html

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