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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

NYC-Mayor: Weiner to Concede to Ferrer

Posted by DavidNYC

According to New York 1, Anthony Weiner is going to concede to Fernando Ferrer, despite Weiner's statements to the contrary last night. This would eliminate a run-off between the two Democrats and allow Ferrer to directly take on incumbent Republican Mike Bloomberg immediately.

But I'm curious - can you really "concede" if your opponent hasn't actually hit 40%? Wouldn't that be a bit like trying to concede if you got over 50% (ie, you won) in an ordinary election? If the absentee ballots show that Ferrer stays under 40%, then what happens?

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The New York Times strongly implied this morning that even without getting 40% Frerrer could go ahead and accept the runoff or Weiner could choose to go ahead and concede. Without knowing so much about New York election law, that seems about right. Oh, looks like Weiner just went ahead and did it.

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