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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

OH-Ballot: Say Hello to Our New Friend RON

Posted by DavidNYC

A bit of good news out of Ohio, via MyDD:

The Ohio secretary of state announced yesterday that a series of election-related constitutional amendments had qualified for the November ballot, including one intended to strip Republican elected officials of their control over drawing legislative districts.

The amendments are sponsored by Reform Ohio Now, a coalition dominated by Democrats, unions and watchdog groups. It celebrated the announcement and said a statewide campaign to win approval in November had begun.

"It's not like we're posting yard signs yet, but we're close to that," the campaign manager of Reform Ohio Now, Scarlett Bauder, said. "Right now the time is ripe for reform."

I really think Reform Ohio Now - aka RON - has the right idea here. For more details, click over to the MyDD story and check out this page on RON's website.)

Now, of course, the actual battle over the amendments begins. Though tons of Republican money will be poured into the campaign against these ballot measures (smearing them as some kind of Democratic conspiracy, no doubt), I think they stand an excellent chance. If the amendments are framed properly as promoting "good government" and "transparency," that starts to put them in the "clean water and warm puppies" category - ie, things which no normal person opposes. Of course, I recognize that nothing is immune from the Republican Noise Machine, but like I say, I think RON's ballot measures can put up a good fight.

If you want to get involved - especially if you are an Ohioan - please click here.

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BIG NEWS regarding the fight against Ohio Senator Mike Dewine: the DSCC is trying to get Paul Hackett into the race!


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