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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

CA-Gov: Ahnuld in Trouble

Posted by DavidNYC

The Governator is in trouble. Why? Because he's already losing in head-to-head matchups against two mostly unknown Democrats. Check out the new Field Poll (PDF) (registered voters, June in parens):

Angelides (D): 43 (46)
Schwarzenegger (R): 40 (42)
Undecided: 17 (12)

Westly (D): 42 (44)
Schwarzenegger (R): 39 (40)
Undecided: 19 (16)
(MoE: ±3.4%)

Phil Angelides is the State Treasurer, Steve Westly is the State Controller. To get a sense of how well-known these two guys are, check out the head-to-head primary matchup:

Angelides: 32 (37)
Westly: 22 (28)
Undecided: 46 (35)

Fourty-six percent undecided - that's a big number. Admittedly, it's a while before any primary would take place, but even so, these guys are still beating Arnold. If they ramp up their name reco (and surely they will), then whoever emerges victorious from the Dem primary will probably show an even more decisive lead over the Gropinator.

P.S. Fifty-six percent of registered voters say they are "not inclined" to support Arnold's re-election. In February of this year, the exact same percentage said they would be inclined to support him. Ouch.

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