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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

OH-SoS: Jennifer Brunner to Announce Tomorrow

Posted by Tim Tagaris

To no ones surprise, Jennifer Brunner is officially running for Ohio's Secretary of State.  The announcement will kick off a string of engagements over a six day span across Ohio.  You can check out her campaign website here.

This election is intersting for a number of reasons:

1.) We all remember 2004 and Ken Blackwell.

2.) The people of Ohio will have a number of amendments on the ballot this Novemeber. Issues 2-4, better known as "Reform Ohio Now" seeks to remove much of the Secretary of State's power by setting up a bi-parisan commission to oversee elections in the state. If the initiatives pass (and I hope it does, as do most Democrats in the state), the teeth will be largely pulled from the Secretary of State position in Ohio.

Potential Republican challengers include Hamilton County (Cincinnati area) Clerk of Courts Greg Hartmann and State Representative Jim Trakas.

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Hope Blackwell and current GOP scandals resonate.

I don't give much creedence to the "we will remember Blackwell and 04" rally cry though.
that's because I live in florida and we were supposed to remember the Crime Of The Century 2000 in last year's elections.

Instead, we got trounced.

Posted by: Sam Loomis [TypeKey Profile Page] at September 1, 2005 07:17 AM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

Is Jennifer Brunner a Democrat In Name Only?

If not, why did she represent Ted Berry (the endorsed republican
candidate in Grove City) against Randy Reisling, that's me, a Democrat, in my protest against Ted's petition?

Is this what we can expect from Democrat Jennifer Brunner? Or is she
just another Republican Lite?

People like Brunner are what's wrong with our party. They don't stand
up for what's right. They stand up for what's right now. I hope you
cashed your check from Ted, Jennifer, because you'll need it when you
lose your election.

I'd rather have Ken Blackwell in office than you, because I know where
he stands.

Posted by: Randy Reisling [TypeKey Profile Page] at September 7, 2005 10:41 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

From the Grove City Record 9/8/05:

When the names of Ted Berry and Scott Perry turned up on petitions at the Franklin County Board of Elections in August, it led to a fair amount of confusion.

Not only had both men picked up nominating petitions to run for the Grove City Ward 1 Council seat, but they listed the same home address -- 3311 Summer Glen Drive.

It wasn't a typographical error by the board of elections. It wasn't a sibling rivalry although Berry and Perry are half brothers. It was a plan that worked and kept Berry in the Ward 1 race against Randy Reisling.

When problems were discovered with signatures on Berry's petitions, his half brother circulated his own petitions, then took advantage of a little-known election law by withdrawing from the race and having a committee of his supporters assign their support and Perry's nominating petition signatures to Berry.

Board of election officials confirmed Thursday that the move was legal and that Berry was back on the ballot.


Stop with the personal attacks. It states clearly that the law is what prevailed. If you're upset with the law, then lobby the legislature to change the law.

Would you rather have a secretary of state that implements the laws of the land, or would you rather have a secretary of state that makes it up as they go, like Blackwell.

Well we already know - you chose Blackwell, as do the crazy conservatives in Ohio. When did democrats start supporting Blackwell? And, we all know that none of us know what Ken stands for. As for progressives like myself, we definitely choose Jennifer Brunner - a hard core democrat who will uphold the laws of Ohio as our Secretary of State.

That's who I want in the Secretary of State Executive position, someone who is honest, full of integrity, and someone who will fight hard to make sure the law is followed - someone who will make sure our elections are honest, fair and that will count every vote - democrat or republican or independent.

My pick: Jennifer Brunner for Secretary of State of Ohio! Why: Because she will make sure every vote is counted - and when that happens, democrats in ohio will finally begin to win again!

My best, JW

Posted by: JoshWolf [TypeKey Profile Page] at September 15, 2005 01:21 AM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment