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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Netroots: Kos Changes GOP.com

Posted by Bob Brigham

This made my day. Earlier I looked at the contrast been John Morrison and Jon Tester in Montana. You'll recall, each sent an email asking for money yesterday: Tester asked for Red Cross donations and Morrison asked for $2,100 campaign checks.

This afternoon, that theme was picked up to show the contrast between Us and Them. You see, Dean was also using the Democratic online infrastucture to help out the Katrina victims, while it was business as usual for Bush's GOP. So Kos ripped on GOP.com. Within an hour and a half it was changed...


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Go help out:

https://www.redcross.org/donate/donation-form.asp, even Bush is starting to pay attention.

More here.

UPDATE: (Bob) Speaking of the difference between Us and Them, I decided I'd check out the DLC website.

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And alas, nothing from the Bull Moose either. The Democratic way is to help your neighbors. The Republican way is to help out when people notice you aren't doing anything. The third way, seems to be to do things the GOP way, only slower.

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I hope everyone is catching this: this makes the money-grubbing assholes out to be even worse than before.

Check out the size differential between the giant GOP DONATE button as compared with the tiny Katrina-related "Donate Now" button.

Very clear: they hoping to make money off this thing.


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