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Monday, August 01, 2005

OH-2: Back in the Saddle

Posted by Tim Tagaris

Just arrived back in Ohio-2 from my weekend home with family in Chicago (first time since 2004). Awkward time to leave, but who knew everything was going to unfold the way it did when I made arrangements to go home last weekend.

But goodness, reading Bob's updates on Swing State Project made me feel like I never left Ohio for even a second. It's last call, and with Bob and I both on the ground, SSP is certainly the place to be for up-to-the-second reporting on the race.

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Glad to see that you are back Tim! And even though none of us expected it, our Honorary Texan ActBlue project for Hackett down here had netted almost 60 donors at nearly $2,200! I'm glad we could help out in the race. We look forward to the updates.

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