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Monday, August 01, 2005

OH-02: Labor Stands with Paul Hackett

Posted by Bob Brigham

Back on the road...just left a factory gate hand shaking event at a GM plant. Paul Hackett has earned the respect of the members and they're with him. Standing on the blacktop outside the event was almost unbearable hot. The candidate was covered in sweat, but the response from the workers made good footage for the three news stations and four still cameras at the event. Good stuff.

And I just checked the ActBlue page -- everyone got the job done. THANKS!

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Now lets finish the job tomorrow.

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I know we are focused on the Hackett campaign but I wanted to take a minute to make another important announcement. Al Gore's station is up and running now. It called Current TV. I think the web address is currenttv.com. If you have DirecTV it is on channel 366. I am not sure what channel it is on cable but you can check with your cable company or you can google currentTV. PLEASE CHECK IT OUT. PLEASE. THANKS.

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I live in Dallas, Texas, and I contributed to Paul Hackett via ActBlue because I view this race in much larger terms than "just" an Ohio congressional race. This is the first chance Democrats have to steer American back in a just and moral direction.

Jean Schmidt represents everything that the Bush administration and the Republican Congress has done to destroy America, our safety, and our reputation abroad.

The last thing America needs is another Bush worshipper and blind Republican loyalist.

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The Smoke Eater

A Last Call
By: Peter Deane

In a moment of a hot summer,

on an Independent afternoon,

I sat under a brown cowboy hat,

and the school band played by me,

a tune that honors our country,

and as I tapped my foot,

one carrying a heart of blue,

stopping briefly he shook my hand,

smiling he called me his fireman friend,

and under the brown cowboy hat I smiled back,

”You go get um, I hollered.”

”I’m gonna try like hell!”

He hollered back.

And the crowd cheered,

and called for this man… “Paul Hackett!”

And he waved past everyone there,

and on he went caring as if in a war,

from his opponent all I got was silence,

and she gave me a sandy file,

it rubbed my fingers wrong,

and I quickly threw it in the trash,

and went to see my president,

I told him the IAFF was wrong,

never to see the working man’s way,

the electricians, the farmers,

think about the carpenter,

and the plumbers,

departing he tried bet me,

and I thought of missing coins,

and sandy files,

and money under the table,

it all sounds like a betrayal to me,

and betrayal’s of faith are the worse,

that hit hard and truthfully wide,

and everyone is watching,

Jean’s litmus test story,

I was sickened by it all,

where’s a prosecutor when needed,

watching a prison guard move away,

or too busy slandering an innocent man,

he should know what a baby killer is,

dropped a case -- parents weren’t informed,

abortion and stem cell research is pure politics,

and so is leaving the dead for the dead,

we must all go on together,

It’s only one world and one sun,

shake the hand of John Glenn,

look up beyond the light blue,

see a man hug his family,

”You go get um Paul!”

The wounded clap to that.

Believe me I saw it!

And from Jean Schmidt’s camp,

I saw an attack on soldiers serving,

and I saw them blame the innocent for flag burning,

I saw them call a good marine a baby killer…

and tomorrow I shall vote wisely…

our vote is so very sacred,

the culture of the corrupt has got to go!

”You go get um, Paul Hackett!”

May you make it to the seat of Washington!

To those that are volunteering... Cheers!

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