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Thursday, August 25, 2005

MO-Sen: McCaskill Running?

Posted by Bob Brigham

From Arch City Chronicle:

As official as it's going to get before it's official.

McCaskill is telling her statewide colleagues that she is running for U.S. Senate. Announcement around Labor Day.

If this happens, this is great news for the Democratic Party. Here's hoping she runs, runs strong, and makes us all proud!

Hat tip to Chris Bowers.

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This is GREAT NEWS to us in Missouri. She is getting a lot of great pre-announcement press by challenging the governor, Matt (The Boy Blunder) Blunt on his insistence he need not comply with anything beyond the "Sunshine Laws" that allow everyone to view certain public records, as she conducts her job as State Auditor! (Go to the archives on my site to find more on this subject...I've been begging her to run since March.) I can't expound here, I'm checking the site while the centrifuge runs, I'm at work. (It just stopped. Gotta go.)

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