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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Katrina Proves Bush is a Failure

Posted by Bob Brigham

Three reasons why George Bush has failed the entire gulf coast -- especially New Orleans -- and should be held accountable for the result of Katrina:

3. The Louisiana National Guard is in Iraq

2. The energy of the storm is compounded by the higher sea tempurature that is forced upon a hurricane by Global Warming

1. Bush received warnings that this was one of the "three likeliest, most castastrophic disasters" and did nothing but stay on vacation and cut funding

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My mother worked for Humble Oil before WW2 on a project that would have changed the course of our country. The secret project they were working on was a dispersal system of silver dihydrate into building and active cyclonic storm systems - hurricanes. She told me about it on her death bed, but until now I never gave it much thought. When she (BS, Chemistry, University of Texas, 1931) and here team had produced repeatable positive results, she was transferred to a government munitions lab in Arkansas. She never understood until after the war the reason. She returned to the Humble lab to see friends after she was married. There she heard the reason for her sudden "redeployment" to a government project. Management evaluated the impact of be able to disperse gathering storms and determined that the rise in prices from interruptions in oil production enabled higher profits than an avoidance of such interruptions that we have seen with every Gulf of Mexico hurricane. The oil companies, in collusion with a department of the federal government (unknown to my mother's informant) killed the project. In light of Katrina's impact, I called Exxon, which was Humble Oil to speak to the archivist. When I identified my mother by her maiden name, I was put on hold, my call evidently was traced and I received a "visit" the next day from two unidentified men encouraging me to drop my request for information. Apparently this cover-up remains active and the current administration with its "buddy system" for big oil, is aware of it. I think Katrina's destructive path and all of the terribly deadly storms of the past - Hugo, Andrew, Carla, Ivan, etc. - could have been stopped were it not for this cover-up. Shame on Exxon, Mobile, Shell, Chevron, Occidental and every president since FDR.

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I think I've heard it all now. There is no leap of logic too unbelievable for some people.

Posted by: rastajenk [TypeKey Profile Page] at August 29, 2005 01:18 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

Let me see if I've got this straight....Bush in responsible for global warming and therefore directly responsible for Hurricane Katrina. Hmmm. I guess if you extend the logic, liberals should really get out and vote in the next election so that a Democrat is elected and that person, if he or she tries really, really, really hard, will be able to reverse all of the damage Bush has apparently done.

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This Post Proves You are a Moron

Posted by: Hoodlumman [TypeKey Profile Page] at August 31, 2005 01:54 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

New Orleans was built in 1713 that is 292 years ago. So i beleive that we would need to go all the way back to our founding fathers to put blame on someome for Katrina...292 years, they knew the dikes would fell! that means every president we have ever had sould have, could have, done something...not just the Bush admin.Maybe we sould blame it on the French...the French...its there fault! lets ask them to pay for all the death and property lose in New Orleans.

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