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Sunday, July 31, 2005

OH-02: Schmidt Credibility on Corruption

Posted by Bob Brigham

The analysis of the the Jean Schmidt/Tom Noe scandal is pretty simple, when a politician claims never even to have heard of the man at the center of the biggest scandal in the history of Ohio, people are going to question her credibility. As Scott McClellan will be the first to tell you, the press hates it when politicians lie to the press.

Thanks to the blogosphere, this story is moving at the speed of light.

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What a beatiful thing... the whole world is watching the High level of corruption in Hamilton County, The Second Congressional Distict and the State of Ohio!

We the people that live here are being set free!

The whole world is watching!

Thank you, bloggers!

Let us now hope for that Paul Hackett win.

P.S. If the Enquirer refuses to pick up on this and change their endorsement, the world will see that they too are corrupt and refuse to now the truth!

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Great, it is so good to hear from someone back home who is in Hackett's court! Here is the letter I just wrote to the Enquirer:

As a native Cincinnatian and recent former resident of the 2nd district (Miami Township), I have been following this race closely, so I am shocked and appalled to see the Enquirer endorse Jean Schmidt. She personifies "more of the same" in terms of rubber-stamping the failed policies of the Taft and Bush administrations that have been so bad for Cincinnati and for Ohio as a whole. Remember, this is a woman whose idea of bringing jobs and economic prosperity to the district is to attract more agri-business and mega-farms. I love my hometown but live elsewhere in large part because economic opportunities are greater there. That is a sad commentary and will only get worse the more Republicans we continue to elect, and the Enquirer should be ashamed of its role in perpetuating this downward spiral.

She also is a creature of the "culture of corruption" so firmly entrenched in the GOP in Columbus and Washington. On the same day you endorsed her, she lied about having "never met" Tom Noe, of the "Coingate" scandal, which was immediately shown to be false. Do the people of the 2nd district want a lying, corrupt Congressperson who says war is great as long as someone else serves? Or a true American hero like Paul Hackett? If it's the former, then I'm glad I no longer live in Cincinnati; but unlike the Enquirer, I really believe in my heart of hearts that the people of my hometown want someone who has served his country honorably, and will bring a fresh approach and new ideas to Cincinnati and Washington.

Matt Gillingham
Houston, Texas

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