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Sunday, July 31, 2005

OH-02: Hot, Happy, Haste

Posted by Bob Brigham

The Paul Hackett campaign headquarters is hotter than a Laker/Celtic championship at Boston Garden. Hot and humid.

Fingers are dialing faster with each call. There is a real sense of urgency, the volunteers understand the dynamics of an August election. The local Party leaders are shocked at how fired up people are, people realize that a top-notch GOTV can put Hackett over the top.

And people are having fun, cementing friendships and working as a team. A lot is moving fast, today's press conference was one of the most successful rapid response efforts I've ever seen.

But it is all going to come down to GOTV. Get down here, you're needed. Call the HQ for more information at 513-735-4310.

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I was just offfer at hoffmania.com and they have a posting about a Washington Post article that is about to come out tomorrow stating that Hackett called the president a son of a bitch and when questioned about it he responded "I said it. I stand by it. I'd say it again." That statment is incorrect. He did say it on the Hardball interview but NOT to the son of a bitch comment. He said it when Chris asked him on Hardball about calling the president a chicken halk. The Post is taking his statment out of context. PLEASE CALL THE POST AND ASK THEM NOT TO RUN THE STORY OR TO PUBLISH A RETRACTION. PLEASE THAT STORY IS A MISCHARACTERIZATION OF WHAT HACKETT SAID. PLEASE CONTACT THE POST....NOW NOW!!!!

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