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Thursday, June 02, 2005

NY-Gov: Thomas R. Suozzi to Run

Posted by Bob Brigham

The New York Times plays the role of trial balloon for Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi. Steve Gilliard shoots it down:

If Tom Suozzi wants to commit political suicide, that is his right, but he should talk to Andy Cuomo first. Because he almost ruined his career running against Carl McCall.

The best thing for him to do is lay low or run for Lieutenant Governor, not challenge Spitzer, who will club him over his head with his "abortion compromise". Spitzer and NARAL will run him into the ground. While abortion is a toss in New Jersey, a NARAL attack on Suozzi would doom his candidacy. Abortion rights is so important in New York, even the GOP is pro-abortion and there is a seperate Right to Life party.

Suozzi would do well to not let his ambition get ahead of his common sense.

If he thinks Spitzer's support is shallow, I would invite him to test that theory. I think he will find it lacking when he tries it. New York Democrats want someone who is going to fight, not try and make deals. There is NO question about Spitzer's ability to fight. Suozzi seems willing to cut deals. So if he wants to run and get hammered like Dennis Vacco, that is his right. But a wise man would look elsewhere.

Indeed. Elliot Spitzer is a dream candidate and Suozzi should keep his selfish grandstanding in Long Island -- the rest of us have neither the time nor patience.

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I was gonna write about this, but as I'm away training for my summer job, I've barely had a spare moment. I'm glad Bob covered this one, and Steve Gilliard is exactly right. I'd made similar remarks in other discussions, but the bottom line is, Tom Suozzi is nuts if he goes through with this. My guess is that this is just some political posturing - even saying he might run against Spitzer will help raise his name rec.

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