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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Democrats: Moving On

Posted by Bob Brigham

Sooner or later, the Democratic Party will start winning again. I'd prefer the former, actually, I'd prefer tomorrow. We can speed along the modernization process by dropping dead weight, which will happen sooner or later -- again, I'd prefer sooner. In a look at the new TPM Cafe, the most relevant review has been written by Steve Gilliard:

I like Josh, but the place reeks of the odor of Vichy water. You know, it's nice to have John Edwards blog, and I like Big Media Matt, but fuck Ed Kilgore and Marshall Wittman. They are fucking parasites who cause more harm than good to the debate among liberals. It's not my fault that Kilgore's boss doesn't have the balls to change his party enrollment and Wittman is turned off by the fundies, but both of them need to go fuck themselves hard and long.

I do not care about their useless ideas. I can't say that I hold them in the contempt I hold Peter"PNAC Bitch" Beinart, but I have to say, they're the past. The failed past and their ideas reflect the failed past. To listen to them is to take a course in buggy whip construction in 1905. To take their ideas seriously is to embrace failure in all it's glory.

I've always found it ironic that "Democrats" who favor the most agressive foreign policy are usually the most cowardly politically. So far this year, Democrats have gained serious political ground by refusing to compromise -- try as the DLC might to compromise even after we had the upper hand. As the minority party, Democrats need offense, not defense. Democrats do not have the luxury of letting our posture be compromised.

Josh Marshall is a great voice in the Democratic Party and his leadership for Social Security did wonders to bring the party together -- in spite of the DLC. The DLC's mouthpieces may have now have the word "Democrat" next to their names on the voter rolls, but as people read their thoughts on what Democrats should do, people need to remember why they are being paid to write such nonsense.

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