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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Join Swing State Project

Posted by Bob Brigham

We ask two things of Swing State Project readers: 1. Keep us up-to-date on what is going on in your state via the comments and email; 2. Don't be a stranger and feel free to stop by anytime.

Today, we're asking one more: Join us in contributing to Jon Tester (contribute TODAY, the final day of the reporting period).

Jon Tester (MT-Sen) $

As you know, Jon Tester is the President of the Montana Senate and is positioned as one of the best senate pick-up opportunites for Democrats. The netroots have embraced Tester because he is one of those rare candidates who people support not just because he can win, but because he's hella good people and would be a U.S. Senator that would make us all proud.

In 2004, the Montana Democrats (with Tester's leadership) swept both chambers of the legislature and elected Brian Schweitzer Governor. This year, Senator Conrad Burns is in serious trouble and Tester is on track to beat him.

By serious trouble, I'm talking about Burns pushing pesticides on kids. Burns is also bolo-tie deep in the Abramoff corruption scandal and his former State Director is pleading the 5th. Burns troubles are taking a toll and his re-elect number is under 40.

Invest in keeping the Montana miracle momentum moving -- make a contribution TODAY:

Jon Tester (MT-Sen) $

UPDATE: Right now, Swing Staters have contributed only $885 while Left in the Westers have contributed $1,040. Help put us over the top!

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