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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

TX-22: Tom DeLay 2006 Election Competition

Posted by Bob Brigham

Washington Post:

Last November, four-term Rep. Nick Lampson (D-Tex.) lost his job after a controversial redrawing of the state's congressional seats -- engineered by House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) -- left Lampson in a district that was more than half new to him and much more heavily Republican than before.

Now, with DeLay facing a barrage of questions about lavish overseas trips and close dealings with lobbyists, Lampson wants to settle the score for the redistricting, which cost four veteran Texas congressmen their seats and is known by local Democrats as "Tommymandering."

In addition to Frontier PAC, we here at Swing State Project are also very interested in Majority Leader Tom DeLay's re-election campaign.

Mike Allen in the Post continues:

Lampson, a moderate Democrat and one-time public school teacher from Beaumont, plans to formally file papers as a candidate today and then to move into DeLay's suburban Houston district. He said he will spend $4 million or more to try to defeat the majority leader, using ethics as a major issue.

Two recent polls by local news organizations contained troubling news for DeLay, and Democrats contend that his problems are distracting him from his job and provide them with an unusual opportunity to knock off a GOP leader. DeLay was admonished by the House ethics committee three times last year. When the panel is formally reconstituted this week after a four-month hiatus, it will consider whether to launch a formal investigation of DeLay's travel and dealings with lobbyists.

Give, give more, and tell others to give...

With Democrats in Washington vowing to pour as much money as necessary into the Texas district if they determine that Lampson has a chance, the race for the 22nd District seat could wind up as one of the marquee contests of the 2006 midterm elections. DeLay's strategists have expressed concern that the absence of a presidential race next year could make his district a magnet for huge spending by liberal interest groups and labor-backed political organizations, although business interests could be expected to answer overwhelmingly if DeLay needs them. [...]

A close race could also force DeLay to spend more time at home and less time raising money for the party's candidates elsewhere.

Swing State Project has been joined by the Post in realizing DeLay is vulnerable:

DeLay found himself in a tighter race than he expected last November against a relatively unknown Democrat. He won 55 percent of the vote and ran well behind President Bush. DeLay spent $3 million on his reelection. Republican sources said he plans to raise more than $5 million this time.

Bush taped a telephone message to help turn out DeLay's voters in November. White House officials were surprised that the majority leader needed that kind of help.

Look at the latest poll on Ton DeLay and you'll see that this is for real.

Nick Lampson says:

After much thought, prayer and counsel with my family, I have decided to run for the 22nd Congressional District of Texas.

My family has deep roots in Fort Bend County. My parents grew up there, were married there, and my siblings and I spent a great deal of time growing up on our grandparents' farms in Stafford. Much of my family is still there, and it is for them and all the people of District 22 that I am running for Congress.

In the coming days, I will begin sharing my ideas for a stronger, more prosperous America. In the meantime, thanks for visiting my Web site, and please check back for updates on our campaign for District 22.

Thank you for your friendship and support.


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In addition to Lampson, the other Houston Representative that was re-districted out of existence by DeLay, Chris Bell, is running for Governor.

Bell is the man who is in many ways responsible for DeLay's dirty dealings comming to light. He is the member who filed two of the original three ethics complaints against DeLay.

His site is http://www.chrisbell.com.


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