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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Senate 2006: Bill Frist and Tom DeLay

Posted by Bob Brigham

The nationalization of the 2006 cycle is escalating. From the DSCC Media Response Project:

Bill Frist and Tom DeLay are out of control. When they don't get what they want, they abuse their power and change the rules. It's time to fight back.

A bitter Senate showdown over the so-called "nuclear option" looms just around the corner.

That's why the DSCC Media Response Project has produced this bold and powerful new ad to show America that we won't stand idle. We won't let Senate Republicans abuse their power to satisfy their extremist right wing base.

Click here to see the Ad

While Frist's senate career is ending and DeLay will likely lose his re-election (even if he isn't in jail), it looks like the out of control actions of Republican Party will cost other GOPers come election day 2006.

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A good day for the DSCC, generally. Not only did the story of this new ad go out via e-mail, but it's on the front page of the DSCC's newly revitalized blog.

Even better, the story is accompanied by photos of the Princeton students' "Filibuster Frist" event, taken by Phil Singer, the DSCC Communications Director responsible for rolling up his sleeves and putting the blog back on its feet.

Also in attendance: Fellow dKos denizen Crystal Patterson, on behalf of Senator Kennedy's campaign office. I understand she'll be posting her own photos shortly.

It was a good day for the netroots.

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