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Saturday, April 16, 2005

TX-22: Tom DeLay Campaign Debt in Finance Statement

Posted by Bob Brigham

Not only is Tom DeLay's re-elect polling number under 40, but his campaign is burning money, resulting in the Majority Leader taking a personal loan to keep his campaign afloat:

In the first three months of this year, DeLay's personal campaign committee took in $438,235, including $100,000 he borrowed personally for his campaign, according to the latest records from the Federal Election Commission.

The loan was from Southern National Bank in Sugar Land, Texas, according to his quarterly campaign finance report filed late Friday. DeLay still owed $88,330 on the loan at the end of March.

Where is the money coming from?

More than half of DeLay's contributions, $221,000 were from corporate political action committees or trade associations. [...]

Among the individual contributors were Tony Rudy, a former DeLay aide, and his Rudy's wife, Lisa, who each gave $2,000. Rudy made the contribution while working for Greenberg Traurig, the former law firm of lobbyist Jack Abramoff. A grand jury and two Senate committees are investigating work Abramoff did for several Indian tribes.

Bob Perry, a longtime backer of conservative causes, and his wife, Doylene, contributed $8,000 to DeLay.

Perry was a financial backer of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, a group that campaigned against Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., during the 2004 presidential election. Perry also was a contributor to Texans for a Republican Majority and the Texas Association of Business, two groups at the center of the Texas investigation.

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DeLay is going to beign the 2006 cycle on the ropes, and I seriosuly doubt that he'll leave office on purpose. That makes this the most important race of 2006.

It is wierd to look at DeLay's support compared to past GOP leaders like Newt: it is incredibly thin. Only the interests which have lready bought the guy are willing to support him this cycle--and I don't even see that much evidence of fellow Republicans pushing DeLay's "I'm a victim of Soros" meme downfield.

Destroying this guy in 2006 will be fun, and it will ripple out into every other Congressional race.

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It is wierd to look at DeLay's support compared to past GOP leaders like Newt: it is incredibly thin.

And Newt even fell on his sword after the 1998 elections. If DeLay manages to survive until 2006, he'll be toast if he loses any seats at all.

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