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Monday, April 25, 2005

TX-22: Morrison Drops Out. . . In a Kos Diary

Posted by Tim Tagaris

A statement from Richard Morrison, in a DailyKos diary:

It is with great sadness that I must withdraw my name from the race for District 22. [...]

I am not giving up my fight. I will continue to stay active and work hard for democrats. I ask that you do the same. Tom DeLay is bad for democracy and bad for America. If I can be so bold, I demand that each one of you will commit to work as hard for Congressman Lampson or Councilman Quan as you did for me. Democracy will suffer if you slack off even one bit.

The announcement comes just four days after he asked the Netroots for their support, on another Kos diary. The request was made after attempts by the DCCC move Morisson aside for a different candidate to take on Tom DeLay in 2006. What is interesting to me is that, as of right now, there is no mention of him dropping out on his campaign website.

Color me a skeptic, but what do you think brought on Morisson's sudden change of heart?

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I for one, believe Morrison when he says there's no other reason for his withdrawal. Yeah, it's abrupt and yeah, it's surprising....but believe it or not, I'm not seeing conspiracy behind this one.

By the way Tim, you should call me. I'd love to tell you about a little run-in I had recently with an old friend of yours.

Posted by: Jeff Seemann For Congress [TypeKey Profile Page] at April 25, 2005 04:52 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

First of all, if Richard Morrison was brave enough to take on Tom DeLay on his home turf in 2004, it's hard for me to imagine him backing out of a campaign now just because some party insider leaned on him or whatnot. This is a strong man whose website declares "I'm not going to be scared to spill Democratic blood."

Second, although Morrison is clearly popular in the netroots, and I personally support him 110%, let's be careful of the type of thinking that might lead us to advocate an open primary in Pennsylvania, while demanding that the party clear an open path for Morrison in TX-22. If primaries are good for the electoral process (and they are, as long as they don't go negative), they're good everywhere.

Posted by: Steve M [TypeKey Profile Page] at April 25, 2005 06:29 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

I spoke on the phone with Richard a little while ago(once they drop out, it's coordination time, baby!), and I really don't think that the DCCC situation had anything at all to do with his decisioin. He really does need time with his family, but he won't be disappearing completely. Expect him to help whoever gets the nod in TX-22.

Posted by: Frontier PAC [TypeKey Profile Page] at April 25, 2005 07:01 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment


I don't know where you got the impression I thought they should clear the field for Morisson. I think a contested primary here, as well, is the best thing we could get. Imagine months and months of candidates bashing DeLay over the head in the mainstream media, raising their nameID, and all the attention it would get would be terrific.

I also think the Netroots might have gotten behind Morisson. And whatever the race is, I can't wait for the this bloc to recognize the power they have in shaping the face of the Democratic Party. Eli Pariser was kind of right when he said: we bought it, we own it. I just would have said, "we are building it over again, and we will own it."

And frankly, I disagree that spilling blood is a bad idea. You fight it out, and may the best Democrat win. What are you supposed to do, hide where you stand from the voters that are expected to cast their ballots for you?

Posted by: Tim Tagaris [TypeKey Profile Page] at April 25, 2005 07:13 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

Tim, my comment wasn't really directed at you personally, but rather at a certain bloc of people who seem ready to jump down the DCCC's throat just for talking to other candidates. I do think there are some people who want the field cleared, but only when it's for the candidate they like!

I hope for a high-profile, positive primary in Pennsylvania that highlights just how bad Santorum and the Republican agenda are for the people of Pennsylvania, and I would be happy to see that pattern play out in other races across the country. If it costs money to hold those primaries, it's money well spent in my book.

Posted by: Steve M [TypeKey Profile Page] at April 25, 2005 09:39 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment