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Saturday, April 16, 2005

RI-Sen: Stephen Laffey Primary Challenge to Lincoln Chafee

Posted by Bob Brigham

National Republicans and Bob Novak are scared:

National Republican leaders are pressuring Cranston Mayor Stephen Laffey to stay out of the Rhode Island Republican primary election against liberal Sen. Lincoln Chafee. [...]

Laffey, who is to the right of Chafee, is described by his supporters as confident that he would win the primary against the incumbent senator.

DavidNYC has a great post about Chafee's problems in the general election over at Daily Kos.

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I don't understand where Chaffee is headed. Two years or so ago, there was his public announcement that he would consider switching to the Dems if they took control of the Senate (not a way to endear yourself to one's own party). Aside from the common "liberal republican" stands he's taken for the environment, against deficits, and what not, he was one of a minortiy of Senators to take a pricnipled stand against the Iraq War, which is a hell of a lot more than many (most?) Democratic Senators did. I heard on NPR that Chaffee says he's "worried" Frist's speech to the Family Research Council on judicial nominees will blur the "separation of Church and State." Where is this guy coming from? After years of trying to be one of a dwindling number of yankee Republicans, he should throw in the towel one way or another -- quit, become a Dem, or at least become an independent. Just what is he thinking??

Then again, maybe he should move to Connecticut and challenge Joe Leiberman.

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