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Friday, April 01, 2005

OH-02: Open Seat, Special Election 2005

Posted by Bob Brigham

Blogfather Jerome Armstrong on OH-02:

Seems pretty clear that this is a longshot, but one worth contesting with the backing of Project 90 and BlogPac. As David NYC has stated, this is where the netroots can put ideas to test, taking this Open Seat on a trial run for '06. We'll be running against DeLay in '06 in all 232 of the Republican held seats, starting with the OH 2nd this fall.

Cincinnati Enquirer:

Two Hamilton County Republicans - county Commissioner Pat DeWine and state Rep. Tom Brinkman - said Monday that they are running to replace U.S. Rep. Rob Portman.

DeWine and Brinkman are the first to commit to what's expected to be a crowded contest. Both men hustled to Pike County Monday night to introduce themselves to Republicans in the easternmost part of Portman's 2nd Congressional District, two hours east of Cincinnati. [...]

Other possible GOP candidates include former U.S. Rep. Bob McEwen, who splits his time between Hamilton County and Northern Virginia; former state Rep. Jean Schmidt of Clermont County; WLW talk-radio host Bill Cunningham; Cincinnati lawyer Bill Keating Jr.; and state Rep. Tom Raga of Warren County.

On the Democratic side, state Rep. Todd Book of Scioto County is thinking about running. State Rep. Tyrone Yates of Hamilton County says he would consider a run only if Book didn't.

Even though the election date has not been set, DeWine is kicking off his campaign today with a bus tour of the 2nd District. His father, U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine, will be among those aboard.

Brinkman said he decided to enter the race when county Commissioner Phil Heimlich, a close ally, opted to run for lieutenant governor instead of Congress. Heimlich is joining Attorney General Jim Petro in his run for governor in 2006.

To recap:

Potential Republican Candidates:

  • State Rep. Tom Brinkman

  • WLW talk-radio host Bill Cunningham

  • County Commissioner Pat DeWine

  • lawyer Bill Keating Jr.

  • former U.S. Rep. Bob McEwen

  • State Rep. Tom Raga

  • former State Rep. Jean Schmidt

Potential Democratic Candidates:

  • State Rep. Todd Book

  • past nominee Charles Sanders

  • State Rep. Tyrone Yates

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