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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

California 2006 Gubernatorial: Schwarzenegger loses SF privileges

Posted by Bob Brigham

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is on the verge of being eaten alive by west coast political sharks with a keen sense of the first drop of blood in the water.

In 2000 California Insurance Commissioner Chuck Quackenbush was eaten alive, in 2003 the victim was Governor Gray Davis, and the last year the cannibals went after Secretary of State Kevin Shelley. Next up, The Governator?

It looks like Schwarzenegger has become so politically radioactive that he can't even visit San Francisco:

Quite a greeting is being planned for Arnold Schwarzenegger's visit Tuesday to San Francisco -- with labor groups hoping to turn out upwards of 5,000 (some say 10,000) protesters to razz the governor's big-buck fund-raiser at the Ritz-Carlton hotel. [...]

"That's the skinny we've been hearing -- word is there are going to be a lot of folks out," said Deputy Police Chief Greg Suhr. "And it's not your usual First Amendment crowd. It's a lot of firefighters, teachers and nurses."

I scouted the site earlier and it looked like a cop convention (I haven't seen the police put on a show of force like this since the first days of the war). If the protest is successful, tonight could be the tipping point in the 2006 gubernatorial campaign. One drop of blood in the water and the instincts of the sharks take over. The inevitable frenzy would make the race competitive faster than you can say, "Hasta la vista, baby."

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