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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

TX-22 Tom Delay corruption ads launch

Posted by Bob Brigham

Campaign for America's Future:


Campaign for America’s Future Fights Most Corrupt Congress’ Abuse of Power

WASHINGTON – The Campaign for America’s Future unveiled a new television ad today that urges Congress to “wash its hands” of Rep. Tom DeLay, highlighting the controversy surrounding the House majority leader, who is increasingly seen as a liability to his party.

The Campaign for America’s Future spot begins airing Thursday throughout Rep. Delay’s Texas district and on major news stations in Washington. The initial $75,000 buy runs for a full week.

Text of the ad:

“Washing Hands” TV :30


Tom DeLay. He’d like to wash his hands of corruption.

He'd like you to forget he's been accused of accepting a gift worth thousands from a foreign agent.

He'd like you to forget that two of his close associates have been indicted for money laundering.

Tom DeLay can’t wash his hands of corruption by involving Congress in one family’s personal tragedy.

[Onscreen: www.ourfuture.org, paid for by the Campaign for America’s Future.]

But Congress can certainly wash its hands of Tom DeLay.

The Public Campaign Action Fund ads are available for viewing at www.pcactionfund.org/resign.

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