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Friday, March 25, 2005

TX-22 Tom Delay in local press

Posted by Bob Brigham

Last fall, Fort Bend GOP officer Bev Carter was censured for calling Tom Delay a "scoundrel" and endorsing his opponent:

Tom has openly declared himself sent by God to "stand up for a biblical world view in everything I do and everywhere I am." For him, politics is a "battle of souls." He says that he seeks a "God-centered" nation that, among other things, would curb contraception, discriminate against homosexuals, outlaw abortion, end the separation of church and state, and post the Ten Commandments in every school (even though Tom has violated more than a few of the Ten himself).

He states that "our nation will only be healed through a rebirth of religious conviction and moral certitude." The thing that concerns me is that this biblical world view sounds suspiciously like the "end times" prophets and I don't really like someone who wants to see the end of the world be the same someone with the power to affect the end of the world.

Bev Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend Star and it appears has more to say:

I don't want to be a one trick pony by constantly castigating only Tom DeLay, although he makes it a tempting and easy target. But I did want to take this space to point out that many local Republicans believe that we should support him, warts and all and are willing to toss me out if I don't! I believe that we should hold public officials to a higher standard. And I also believe that Fort Bend County is such a wonderful place that we need and deserve only the very best to represent us.

Carter has been vindicated, this time many more will join her...

Let's see. Since the Fort Bend Republican Party censured me for supporting Tom DeLay's opponent, we have discovered this about Tom DeLay:

  • Two of DeLay's close friends, former spokesman Michael Scanlon and long-time advisor Jack Abramoff, are being investigated for the millions of dollars they defrauded from several Indian tribes and how some of that money may have illegally helped DeLay's political operations
  • Delay and his wife and several aides took a $70,000 trip to England paid for by questionable means.
  • DeLay is being looked at because of a trip to S. Korea which was allegedly paid for by the Korea-U.S. Exchange Council, a registered foreign agent
  • DeLay took a 2000 junket to Scotland's St. Andrews golf course which appears to have been financed by the Indian tribes. This is a violation of the House ethics rules.
  • Shortly after the three reprimands DeLay received last year, the chairman of the House Ethics Committee that issued the reprimands and himself a Republican, was removed from the committee along with two other Republicans. They were removed by House Speaker and DeLay toady Dennis Hastert. Two of the new Republicans who were appointed in their place are reportedly DeLay backers and have contributed huge amounts to his legal defense fund.
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