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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Update #2: DNC Western Regional Caucus

Posted by Tim Tagaris

Bob just called with the second update of the day. He has now made it inside.

He says there are "hundreds and hundreds of people" still waiting to get inside! And that doesn't even count who has already made it in.

He reports that people are wearing candidate shirts, there are bumper stickers, signs, buttons, and that the "ground campaign" is 100% on. When I asked him who was most represented among the candidates, he told me he wanted to get a better feel for that before giving me an answer.

There is "all kinds of media" at the event. Bob was fortunate enough to speak with Bob Mullholland, Political Director for the California Democratic Party, who said, "this is bigger than the Iowa Caucuses." Interesting comparison...

From the background noise during our conversation, it sounded like the hallways outside an arena before a sports game -- People were cheering and yelling. Festive atmosphere indeed.

The actual event starts in one hour (1 PM PsT - 4 EsT).

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Dean was by far the most represented candidate at the Caucus. Just about every speaker endorsed enthusistically Dean. Though other candidates are represented, the overwhelming supporters were part of the DFA. They have opened the doors to the Regional Caucus to the public because of the large turnout organized by the DFA. They had not planned on making the event open.

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