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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Update #1: DNC Western Regional Caucus

Posted by Tim Tagaris

I will be in constant touch with Bob throughout the day, giving you updates here on the DNC Western Regional Caucus. So far:

1.) Driving Votes filled FOUR cars this morning, all destined for the event in Sacramento. Bob reports fifteen or sixteen people from San Francisco alone are heading to the event because of their work. Great job by Leighton and co.

2.) Bob is about to get his credentials and has been offered the chance to interview Tim Roemer and Martin Frost. He is going take that opportunity and has some good questions in the hopper.

More later. The reporting will conclude with a text and audio (mp3) run-down from Bob at the end of the night

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I just attended the CDC breakfast and witnessed an amazing turnout of support for Howard Dean. The Dean supporters showed that the Democrats are ready to keep fighting and representing the democratic wing of the democratic party. I hope the DNC voters will listen to their voice. Dean's message of a 50 state strategy and fighting for every voter I hope will resonate with the party. I am tired of the Republicans dictating the debate. If the Democrats are to win, they have to go on the offensive. If we lose, at least we can lose as Democrats and not as moderate Republicans.
Also, thanks for the great website.

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