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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Some Site News

Posted by DavidNYC

We've added permalinks to individual comments, so now you can link directly to the pearls of wisdom you or your fellow SSP readers have left in the comments section, like so. Just look for the word "Permalink" to the right of the date/time stamp at the bottom of each comment.

Also, Tim & Bob have new SSP e-mail addresses: tim.tagaris -at- swingstateproject.com and bob.brigham -at- swingstateproject.com. (Just replace "-at-" with the traditional @ symbol.) If you have any thoughts you'd like to share directly with either of them, please do so. (Mine, as always, is davidnyc -at- swingstateproject.com.)

More changes of a more substantive sort are in store as the new year gets under way.

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