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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

MA Dems look outside of city limits

Posted by Bob Brigham

Michael Kunzelman reports for the Metrowest Daily News:

Democrats must win over unenrolled, suburban voters if they hope to regain control of the governor's office in 2006, a panel of party leaders concludes in a report unveiled last night at a Democratic State Committee meeting in Marlborough. [...] Jane Lane, spokeswoman for the Massachusetts Democratic Party, said Democrats already have borrowed a page from Romney and the Republicans' 2002 playbook. For November's legislative races, the Democrats concentrated on wooing unenrolled voters in the suburbs. And the result, Lane said, is that none of the Legislature's incumbent Democrats who ran for re-election lost their seats. "It was a ground game, a grassroots effort, on our part," she said.

The Massachusetts Governors race is going to get interesting, fast.

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