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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Lewis (R-CA) Named to Head House Appropriations Committee

Posted by Tim Tagaris

Details to follow as they become available. I just got off the phone with Congressman Regula's (R-OH) D.C. Office; the decision came down one hour ago (approx. 12:30 EsT).

Jerry Lewis (R-CA) was selected as to chair the powerful appropriations post. For more information on why this is a big decision, check this post.


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You know, I was wrong on a lot of things about 2004.

This wasn't one of them.

Making him cease his aggressive PACtivity to spend money and campaign in Ohio was his downfall, IMO.

This will create an open seat in 2006. Regula will not run again....he only ran in '02 and '04 to try and get this power, and it's left him. I can't see him sticking around to the age of 86 to get a seat that is rightfully his now. He'll retire by the end of the year and finish his term.

Thank you Tim. We didn't pull it off in '04, but we helped make this happen, and it makes it easier for us in '06.

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