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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Daily Roemer 12/29/04

Posted by Tim Tagaris

Giving a flavor of netroots reaction on the potential DNC chairmanship of Tim Roemer:

From DeanFan84 on DailyKos.

How about a bat for those who pledge not to give money if the Dem Party doesn't get back to its roots? I gave $4,000 last cycle, and I pledge not to do the same in '06 if we get Roemer or the equivalent! [...]

I say we all send in voided checks next go around. Here is my $500--NOT!

And from Kid Oakland, well respected front-page DailyKos author.

What I'm saying is that the time is now to be proactive and choose our fight...and to leave our mark.  Will we reform this party?  That is the question.  Our congressional leadership has spoken clearly.  Our job is to speak clearly from our side.....not just put up with it or shut up as we have in the past.

All of us here put our hearts and souls and $$ into this last campaign. Does Roemer reflect us?  Does Reid?  Does Pelosi?  We have the right to ask that question.  And to point out that they have no idea who we are or what we think.

Does anyone think Tim Roemer could pick a fundraising bat out of a police line-up?  I am guessing no.  Especially when you consider that in his last run for Congress during the 2000 election cycle, 9% of his contributions were under $200, 21% from large donors, and 67% came from PACs.

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I am finding it is harder to influence a democrat than a republican. The democrats have MADE IT CLEAR they don't care about us at all and will not support us or help us. We're on our own, so as far as I'm concerned, so are they.
Hey, what about someone like Clinton? Wasn't he kind of the type of candidate we are looking for? He was always in touch with the people. People said he was "waffling". I never did get what the "waffling" charge was. I mean, if you find a better way, you SHOULD change your mind.
Remember in the "Spotted Owl Incident", he met with the Clear-cutters and he met with the "Spotted Owl Environmentalists", and I think he even went to Oregon (although I once went there too, and didn't see one spotted owl, although I saw a lot of clear-cuting). But he got over to their issue WITH them and tried to resolve it.

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Well, I do have a recurring draft on my MasterCard to the DNC that I can cancel if the national party does anything that stupid.

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