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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

MT Supreme Court RULZ

Posted by Bob Brigham

Democrats get a clean sweep in Montana. Democrats won the governor's mansion, the state senate, and now they have tied the state house meaning they win the speaker's gavel!

From the AP:

HELENA, Mont. - The Montana Supreme Court on Tuesday overturned a decision that determined a disputed legislative race was tied, likely giving Democrats control of the state House of Representatives.

The 6-1 decision threw out a lower court ruling from earlier this month that seven contested ballots had properly been counted for Constitution Party candidate Rick Jore.

The high court declared "one or more" contested ballots in the tied race invalid. Throwing out even one of those ballots means the vote tally swings to Democrat Jeanne Windham, the Supreme Court said.

That, in turn, creates a 50-50 tie between Republicans and Democrats in the House and means the next House speaker likely will be from the party of Democratic Gov.-elect Brian Schweitzer. The party that controls the governor's office in Montana breaks ties in electing House speakers.

Here is some more on the Seven illegal ballots in HD 12.

If anyone wonders why I believe in a 50 state strategy, it is because of quotes like this from the Billings Gazette:

Democrats now claim control of both House and Senate, as well as the governor's office. Before the November election, Democrats held no major positions of power.

I feel more confident now proclaiming that Montana is a Swing State.

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Colorado also turned bluer in 2004. I think that the Rockies provide great opportunities for the Dems.

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